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"If you have the model number usually on the bottom of the crib, if it is one of the Jenny Lind make you will need to know the date it was made that is on the same spot." "You may find it in Jenny Lind, but it depends if the crib is still replaceable or not. It all depends on their product replacement parts policy."

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What hardware do you need for a Jenny Lind crib?

crib rods drop down

How do i get parts for a jenny lind crib if you do not have a model number?

model 04562-15L Jenny Lind Conv Crib Oak

Where can you get replacement parts for a Costco crib?

You will have to get in touch with the maker of the crib and call them or email them. Give the serial # and age of the crib. I have just recently had this problem.. If you go to the following site they may be able to help. This is where I found my replacement hardware.Best of luck!

Where you can get hardware for your jardine 0303C00 crib?

Your Jardine crib is under recall.

Who makes the Marlowe crib for Restoration Hardware?

According to the Restoration Hardware website, the Marlowe Conversion Crib is made by Bassett Furniture.

Where can you get replacement hardware for love Delta 5 in 1 Crib?

I believe this is the parent company: try contacting their customer service.

Where can you find crib hardware for raising and lowering the mattress for Simmons Crib? - look at part #SH15

Could a Jenny Lind crib be made into a kids single bed somehow?

Maybe use one of the dropdown sides as a headboard? Then, buy a single bed and frame. For a young child, if you put plywood on the frame under the mattress, that will be low enough so they can get in and out of bed safely.

Where can you find replacement parts for a Simmons crib?

Where can you buy the replacement parts for a Bassett crib - model number 5542-0521?

at shoppers

Where can you buy the replacement parts for a Bassett crib model number 5871-0621?

Products America

Where can you find replacement parts for a Homer Smith Furniture Company Nod-away crib Model 1403 89 227?

I looked on my nod away crib and the phone number that was given for replacement parts is 1-800-OHS-FURN. I will calling on Monday morning for replacement parts for model # 80029. I hope that this information helps.

Where can you find a hook for a baby crib between the bed and springs to hold the springs on the bed maybe called a Z part?

Go to They have tons of crib hardware including the "s" hooks for the springs.

Where can you get replacement parts for a broyhill crib?

Try Products America. They're a general supplier of crib parts for different lines. They have a website You search by the style of crib you have, the parts your looking for, or use the visual index. Only catch is that you have to call them up to order the parts.

Where can you get replacement parts for a Pottery Barn Kids crib?

Try calling Pottery Barn kids. Oh, if it were just that simple. See discussion page. Try They helped with replacement plastic parts for a pottery barn Kendall crib. Plus the customer service person was very nice and helpful

What should a parent to do when a crib is recalled?

If your child's crib has been recalled you should contact the manufacturer as soon as possible (call the phone number they mention or visit the website listed on the recall notice). The sooner you get your name on the list, the sooner you'll receive the repair kit.If getting in touch with the manufacturer isn't quick enough you should consider going back to the retailer that sold you the crib. If you have your original receipt even the better.If your recalled crib is in perfect working order you can continue using it until your repair kit arrives. But first you have to be sure that all the hardware is intact and tight.If you have a play yard you can put your baby to sleep in that.Don't be tempted to repair your broken crib with your own hardware; DIY fixes may be just as unsafe as the recalled crib.In general it isn't recommended that you share your adult bed with a sleeping infant. Earlier studies have shown that infants are up to 40 times more likely to suffocate in an adult bed than in a crib.In general and with any crib, it's important to make sure that there are no missing pieces or loose hardware and you should check it regularly. A bare crib is a safe crib, so skip the comforters, pillows, bumper pads and stuffed animals since they can pose suffocation hazards.

What is crib set?

A crib set is : crib bumpers, a sheet and a blanket

What is crib rate?

Crib Rate is which is chargable for the service Provided for crib in the Hotel

What is a sentence for crib?

5 Sentence for Crib-Blanks is yours to fill. 1. (Blank) and (Blank) bought a crib. 2. (Blank) set the crib up. 3.(Blank) and (Blank) put their baby (Blank) into the crib. 4.These are some of the sentences with the word crib. 5. Baby (Blank) likes to play in her crib.

What size crib will the Dreams of Hunny Baby Crib Bedding by Disney Baby fit?

The Dreams of Hunny Baby Crib Bedding will fit a standard size crib that fits a 28" by 52" crib mattress.

Why do we have a crib at Christmas?

because Jesus was born in a crib

What is crib in Tagalog language?

crib in Tagalog: kuna

What is the difference between a gliding crib and a sleigh baby crib?

A gliding crib moves in a gliding motion. A sleigh crib has sides that look very similar to the slope of a sleigh.

Where can you get replacement parts for a Ragazzi crib?

I was recently gifted an older Ragazzi crib (1995). I needed replacement parts, specifically a guide for the drop rail on one side and 3 wheels. I found an online dealer who sells replacements kits and individual parts for an array of children's products/brands including Ragazzi cribs. The name of the company is Product' America - here's the link.

How much does a crib weigh?

how much does a baby crib weigh