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Hi Kirsten - I can supply the complete spray nozzle kit for this slide (brand new) - original equipment. Comes with hose, 2 spray nozzles (top and bottom), nuts, t-union, and garden hose connector. Ret: $ 36.74. Your cost $27.60 + S/H (UPS Ground or mail). You can FAX, call or e-mail if you are interested. Hope this helps - know it is difficult to find parts for these, since they have been discontinued for so long. FAX: (860) 529-3479. TEL: (860) 721-8697. Ken (VG Pool)

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โˆ™ 2004-06-28 20:10:57
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Q: Where can you get replacement water line hosing and fittings for AquaSlide N Dive brand 8 foot Queen Right Curve swimming pool slides?
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