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This takes a little doing....but I modified a shaker hood scoop for a Holley. There really is no buy it all in one kit. The easiest way I found was to buy a universal drop type chrome air cleaner with the recesses for the Holley carb. You'll need to cut out most of the bottom of your original air cleaner. Leave some at the very edge though...1/2" maybe. Now cut the bottom of the universal air cleaner to fit so that it just overlaps the small lip left from the bottom of your original. You can weld them, pop rivet them...whatever works for you. You can now still use all your original shaker scoop parts.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-23 07:48:29
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Q: Where can you get shaker hood parts that work with a holley 670 street avenger carburetor?
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