Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Where can you get stones on SoulSilver?

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you get stones in soul silver by finding the stones or trading it to soul silver

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witch Pokemon evolve with stones in soul silver

yes you have to go to the department store!!

here's how you get stones before you achieve the national pokedex- you can win the bug contest, and they are also often prizes at the pokeathlon.

You can get all the stones at pokeathelon including leaf stone

your stupid mum buys it with your money you let her look after

Eevee does not evolve at a level. You use the different stones, fire stones etc. These are available from the pokeathlon. Hope I helped!

You can find stones in Pokemon SoulSilver by looking around in caves, rocks, etc. Sometimes people might give them to you.

They are Growlithe to Arcainine Eevee to Flareon thats it

use them on sunkern or gloom to evolve them into sunflora or bellosom respectively

people think ball stones dont exist but in soulsilver you go to mt mortar in there there is a man with all stones to evolve? ball stones evolve vaporeon into vatlaz (great pokemon) anyway do that ball stones .bye

catch/ evolve/ trade / stones. The answer is too large to answer in once.

You can find evolution stones is various places. If you have beaten the Elite Four, go to the Pokeathlon Dome. In the prizes section, there will be evolution stones. Compete in competitions to earn enough points for the one you want.

your mom will give you some and put on a Pokemon and trade from a gba or ds game.

I'm sorry but there are NO lire stones in Pokemon soul silver but, there are fire stones and you can get those that Bill's grandfather, Bug-Catching Contest, Pokéathlon Dome.Hope it helps.

you can't get underground in soul silver. if you're looking for stones trade Pokemon from diamond, pearl, or platinum holding them.

to evolve certain water type pokemon. Go here: and here: Zygloman

In HG/SS you trade Shards for Berries. Trade with Jugglers in Violet City and Fuchsia City.

you can get a sun stone by coming in first in the Pokemon bug catching contest. you have to catch a lv.19 weedle to win. on thursdays

you can buy it from the pokeathlon store for 2500 points at least on Thursdays,wedsdays there is a water stone,fridays has fire stones,tuseday idk

Stones have many different effects on different Pokemon. If you give a Pokemon the everstone it is prevented from evolving. However, stones can also be used to evolve certain Pokemon. In order for poliwhirl to evolve into poliwrath, you need to give it a water stone. Stones need to be matched to the type of Pokemon you are using them on. Leaf stone to grass types, fire stone to fire types, and thunder stone to electric types and so on. Not all Pokemon evolve using stones. Starters cannot evolve using stones. That's all you need to start evolving Pokemon through stones.

No, there is no Villa in SoulSilver.

Depending on what game your playing you can only receive one sun stone but in heartgold and soulsilver if you win the bug catching contest you can receive a sun stone and you can do this multiple times.

If by stones you mean evolution stones, there are many different ways: The main way is to purchase them from the Pokeathlon or to win a Bug Catching Contest on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. More evolution stones become available after you defeat the Elite Four and get the National Dex. Another way is to find them randomly around the two regions of Johto and Kanto. A third way inside the game is to receive five stones from Bill's Grandfather by showing him five different pokemon. Or, if you have Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, you can find the stones in the underground and transfer them, while equipped to a pokemon, to the game.

You get Darkrai by trading in SoulSilver.