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If you are looking for actual unemployment insurance (in case you're fired or laid off), then your employer is responsible for this. Your employer must pay into the state unemployment fund. If, your employer is a non-profit organization such as a religious school, etc., then the employer would probably not pay into the unemployment fund, so there is no unemployment insurance available for employees of this type of organization.

It is also important to mention that, depending on the state, substitute teachers who work only September through June may be eligible for unemployment benefits during the summer. Check with your local unemployment office for more information. In most cases, teachers are eligible for the same benefits as any other worker if the benefits are available.

From what I researched, substitute teacher's in California cannot receive unemployment benefits when they have "reasonable assurance" to work the following school year. However in the Los Angeles School District says it different. They have 2 ways of doing it. Please check out their website in the Related Link below, or go to the second Related Link below and on the left hand side, click substitute. Their web page says "When you call to start your claim, it is imperative that you tell the EDD representative that you are a 'Year Round' Substitute Teacher." The second solution: Once on the web page, download the substitute handbook. This handbooks says "When you call to start your claim, it is imperative that you tell the EDD representative that as as Substitute Teacher you do not have "reasonable assurance" to return to work, and they should refer to the EDD's procedures for the year 2005-2006, Unemployment Insurance Project Notice (UIPN #05-038). This will clarify your status as a Substitute Teacher who is eligible for unemployment benefits. This will eliminate the need for a follow-up phone interview. If the representative is not familiar with these new EDD procedures and inform you you are scheduled for a phone interview, ask to speak to a supervisor.

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Q: Where can you get teacher's unemployment insurance?
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