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This model Cross references over to a Mossberg model 42 or 42A extractors can be purchased at for around $12, Vintage Mossberg .22 rifle information can be found at

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โˆ™ 2007-11-13 23:27:10
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Q: Where can you get the ejecters for the wards westerns no. 46A 22 rifle?
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What is the value and age of a wards western field 46a 22s-l-lr?

Your Western Field model 46A was made for Montgomery Wards(Western Field) by the firm Mossberg and sons.The Mossberg model 42 and your rifle are one and the same.These rifles were made by Mossberg from 1935-1937.They have a 7 shot magazine,24in.barrel.I hope you find this information of interest.

What bolts will fit a mossberg 46A rifle?

Do not attempt to use other than a Mossberg bolt made for that rifle.

How do you find out a price for a mossberg 22 caliber bolt action rifle 46A?

Blue Book of Gun Values

Where can you find a clip for a 46A Western Field 22 Rifle?

Vintage gun parts such as the needed magazine for a Model 46A Western Field 22LR can be found at major gun shows or through online specialty companies such as APEX and Numrich.

Ward western field no 46a 22 s-l-lr that your granfather had given you and you want to know the age of this rifle and is it a mossberg as well thanks for your help?

I also have a 46A that was my grandfather's. It's the same as the Mossberg 42...but don't know the age. I'm trying to find that out for mine.

Who made the wards western field model 46 22 rifle?

Its a mossberg 42.Check out this site. I did my homework on this... I have a wards westernfield 46a 22s -l-lr. Everything is on tact and shoots great, except i lost the rear site. you also need a 7 round magazine.... heres where i found mine. I ....Now i need to find a scope, or side scope,,,

What is the answer by using the quadratic formula 2a -46a plus 252 0?

The answer of the equation 2a -46a plus 252 = 0 using the quadratic formula is a = 5.25.

What is the going price for a c f mossberg 46a 22 bolt action rifle?

Depending on condition, anywhere from $75 to $175. There are often missing the rear sight, and they are pricy to replace. Great target rifles!

What is the GCF of 14 abc and 46a 46b 74c?

The GCF is 2.

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What is Justin Bieber pants size?

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What is a Mossberg 22 model 46 B-B worth?

the model 46a is worth around $150

What is the mossberg model compared to westernFields model 46-a?

The Westernfield Mod 46A is a Mossberg Mod 42.

What is 2a2-46a plus 2520?

It is a quadratic expression which can't be factored because its discriminant is less than zero.

Where can you find find an ejector for a Western Ward model no 46A 22 bolt action rifle?

hope this helps your model 46Awas made by mossberg it is the same as the mossberg model 42 check out this web site they should be able to help you i think if anyone can help you they should be able to let me know if they do..

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What is the value of a mossberg model 46a or a model 45a?

On 11/22/2008 I purchased a Mossberg 46A from Cabella's in East Hartford, CT. The gun needs 2 screws to remount the rear sight. Other than that it is in excellent condition. The barrel is clean and there is no rust and only minimal wear on the stock. I paid $129 for the gun and added a sling for a few dollars more. The screw replacements will probably cost $20 to $50 at a gunsmith. There was a recent gun auction in October where this gun went for $205.

How do i mount a scope to a Mossberg model 42m 22?

Go here: <> Click on .22 parts & scroll down 1/4 of the page for MOSSBERG .22 SCOPE MOUNT For models 26B, 26C, 42A, 42B, 42C, 42M, 43, 44US, 46A, 46B and 46M.

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