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Where can you get the four-digit radio code for a 1999 Saturn SL2?


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2005-01-06 18:31:59
2005-01-06 18:31:59

i will assume youre talking about the security code and that the radio has locked - some dealers will retrieve it for free, others will charge - usually has to be called in to the manufacturer by a dealer


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1999 saturn sc1 , need radio code. 4 digit from radio is 1407

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Each radio has it's own code, and no 2 are the same. You will have to cantact your Saturn dealer.

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I do believe you have to get this from the dealership.

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Radio code for a 96 Saturn SC2To get the radio code i called my dealer and he helped my find a code that is in the radio and then the dealer gave me my factory reset code for the radio.============================================== try this website. if not applicable, do some searching on the net ("gm radio code Saturn") until you find a site that doesn't charge for the code ... there are a few out there. good luck.

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Any Saturn dealer can provide you with the code. You may or may not need the radio serial#

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