Where can you get the geonosian death noise as used in attack of the clones?

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You need a Star Wars sound board.
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How is cloning used?

It can be used to multiply a single cell or many to be used as part of another experiment requiring the same cell or type of cell. It can also be injected into other organisms/cells to create an exact copy.

How many deaths in Sept112001 attacks?

I have consistently found 2974 as the number of 9-11 casualties. I have found that there are an additional 24 are listed as missing. Considering the environment around WTC as the rescue efforts were taking place - we are now losing rescue workers due to lung illnesses. In my mind that number will co ( Full Answer )

In what ways can cloning help us?

Answer . ...it doesn't.......that's all i got.. Cloning actually can help us. When we clone an organ or tissue, it can replace an old or broken one. Other than that when people start cloning an entire organism, it raises moral, legal, and social issues. Cloning also has huge risks and a high rat ( Full Answer )

How can cloning be used?

Theoretically By cloning A plant or animal you end up with a copy of the original plant or animal. For instance if you were to clone all beef cattle from parents that gave terrific beef industry could alway be assured of the quality of a given strain of beef. this would be of great advantage to the ( Full Answer )

What are the types of cloning vectors used?

there are many different vectores as: 1-plasmid system 2-bacteria phage lamda 3-cosmids 4-bacterio artificial system 5-puc system the other cloning vectors are m13 which is the oldest one. and after the above all are:- BAC(bacterial artificial chromosome) YAC(yeat artificial chromosome) TA ( Full Answer )

Is cloning still in use?

Cloning is new. Asking if it is still in use is like asking if people still use solar powered lights.. It is new and currently being developed but has made many advancmnets

How do you clone Pokemon using the cloning code in diamond?

You have to use an Action Replay, with the Cloning code enabled. This is the code for Diamond AND Pearl. Works the same in both. 9206b31e 00001808 0206b320 fb3ef7fb 94000130 fff30000 0206b320 46c046c0 d2000000 00000000 (Just go to your Action Replay program with your Action Replay a ( Full Answer )

How has cloning impacted us?

unfortunately, cloning hasn't really impacted us, yet, but it well some ay in the future. It can reverse the aging processs, bring back extinct animals and many more, but cloning could also make the world overpoppulated and global warming would be far out of our reach because no one would be dying

Is cloning still used today?

its used for dicks also known as penis, to put on a girl if they dont want they're vagina.

How is cloning used in society?

Cloning is not used in society... it is illegal!!! It is only used as expirements in science labs with animals. This is legal, but you cannot clone yourself with another person. This is ILLEGAL!

Is Cloning useful?

Yes it is a easy way to produce health ani9mals that are made for exactly what you need.

Why doesn't the big clone attack in adventure quest?

because it has an attack rate, train your charisma to make it's attack rate goes up. at charisma 0-115 its attack rate is only 7% at 120 its attack rate is 67% and if you really want a 100% you have to train your charisma to 190 it's not advised to train your charisma. check in the forums for a pet ( Full Answer )

Why is cloning legal in US?

Human cloning is illegal because of religious and ethical controversies. However, animal and plant cloning are allowed.

Can noise stop a shark from attacking?

It would most certainly depend on the species of shark. Many bottom dwelling sharks seem to be repelled by sharp noise such as hitting metal against metal (in the case of metal against scuba tanks) or the noise of air bubbles nearby. Sand Tiger sharks and Hammerheads are also in genral very shy and ( Full Answer )

Should you have cloning in the US?

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

Do Panic attack lead to death?

no they don't it might feel like you are dying but you ain't just take in small breaths and breath out and tell yourself that it will go away soon that what i do and i also take medicine foe it that helps me through it all hang in there

If naruto was written in the death note then he used shadow clone jutsu who would die?

Well it's a 50/100 possipility that the real or fake naruto will die.But if the fake naruto will die then they will eventually see him.Also if the real naruto die then the shadow clone will disappear because it ran out of chakra or it fought someone. My guess, the real one would die since that i ( Full Answer )

If someone writ naruto name in a Death Note and Naruto used shadow clone jutsu who would die?

Naruto would die. The Death Note kills the person and since clones are part of Naruto they would all die.. But that would never happen.. naruto would die in that situation though the death note user may too.....because after said name is written in the death note it takes a few minutes for it to t ( Full Answer )

Can organs be cloned for use in transplants?

Not currently, however it's still being researched. At the moment, the cells can be cloned, but do not grow to full size organs. That's probably 7-10 years away for livers and slightly longer for most other organs (since livers are only made of one type of cell, and are not required to "beat" like a ( Full Answer )

When was the word clone first used?

25 th November 2006. Don't be silly, Dolly the sheep was cloned in about 1998. Anyway, the word 'clone' has been in use for many decades.

What is used to clone organisms?

A pluripotent (embryonic) stem cell and nucleus from a donor Embryonic stem cell will act as a embryo (Egg) and donor nucleus will act as a fertilized nucleus, just fuse them and grow in appropriate conditions

Is death by heart attack painful?

Sometimes yes and sometimes not at all. Most common is non-specific discomfort which is often undiagnosed.

Can cloning be useful to humans?

Cloning is harmful to humans because it is unfair to treat humans like that, but cloning animals is good because it can save some extinction species.

Why is cloning illegal in US?

Because it could not adopt the same features as the other person. It isn't good for health. And it can harm the person and society. :)

How cloning is used in cattle breeding?

Cloning is used in cattle breeding by taking an embryo of a donor cow (being a female of top breeding quality) and making it into a copy of that cow with the same desired qualities. Cloning is also naturally done by producing fraternal twins in cattle.

What Jedi were at the geonosian arena?

Hundreds of Jedi were at that arena. There are way too many too list. There was even a battle in Geonosis's orbit and many Jedi died in that battle too. A total of 200 Jedi died in these 2 events.

Why does naruto use shadow clones?

because he wants to show everyone how good of a ninja he is because he failed the shadow clone test 5 times

Who are the clones among us?

All the Supervisors at WikiAnswers are clones. (Damn, I wasn't suppose to write that, Sorry 000000000001).

Can organs be cloned for use in plants?

If, by 'plants' you mean the green things that generally live outdoors, then they don't actually need human organs. If you mean 'plants' in a 'laboratory' kind of way, then the techniques are still being practiced and refined.

What is cloning an image using Photoshop?

Cloning is replicating pixels from chosen source to area where are you painting with Clone Stamp Tool. There are and other tools to clone pixels from one image area to another: Healing Brush Tool and Patch Tool.

What is the font used in clone wars?

If you mean the font that we constantly see in the show such as on the screens and such, that is Aurebesh and it is the basic alphabet for English (which is called "Basic" in the Star Wars universe)

Where is cloning used today?

Research & Agriculture. Cloning is used to make some vaccines. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is used to multiply DNA at a rapid rate and is used in research and medicine. Cloning is also used in the production of the "Perfect Christmas Tree" where they clone the seeds of the best looking tree ( Full Answer )

When is Star Wars attack of the clones 3d coming out?

There will be, but in early 2013, it was announced that thepremiere date for it as well as Episode 3, will be delayed in orderto focus on the new Star Wars film being made by Disney (theybought the rights to Star Wars from George Lucas)

What is the use of object cloning in java?

It allows you to keep the original object untouched. In Java, objects are accessed by reference meaning that when you pass it in a function, anything done to it in the function modifies the original object directly.

Is captain rex in attack of the clones?

No Captain Rex is not in Attack of the Clones. He was finally madein the Clone Wars and he was never made in the Star Wars moviesaga. He might be in Episode 7 but it is just a guess.

Is it posibble to clone humans in the us?

I think it's illegal. Scientists have noticed that there are more birth defects,early sicknesses and die earlier so they are afraid of the result it will have on a human.

What is the last dialouge in star wars attack of the clones?

The last line spoken(as written in the script) is Yoda responding to Obi-Wan by saying, " Master Obi-Wan, not victory. The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun, this Clone War has!". The only other thing said is the Holy Man blessing Anakin and Padme.