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Q: Where can you get the same wallpaper as in the rovers return please?
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Which two teams played at both wembly and millennium stadium in the same year?

Bristol Rovers and Chelsea Bristol Rovers and Chelsea

When referencing a previously stated object should you say the same or just same For instance Enclosed please find a form. Please sign the same and return it to me?

That is correct, though it would be simpler to use the pronoun it.

When did betty williams arrive on street?

The Rovers return barmaid arrived on street in 1969. This was the same year coronation street went to colour. She unravelled 43 years of coronation street history.

Are the Mars lunar rover the same as the Mars exploration rover?

No they are different rovers.

Return it to Lisa and I or Return it to Lisa and me?

Generally the word you use to refer to yourself is the same whether or not another person is involved. You would say "please return this to me" and you would say "please return this to Lisa and me." You would say "I would like this returned" and you would also say "Lisa and I would like this returned."

Do chlamydia and a UTI look the same under a microscope?

No, they do not. Please return to your health care provider to get specific testing and treatment for chlamydia.

How has wallpaper gone in and out of style?

Wallpaper has gone in and out of style across the places one wants to go to. The percentage and demand for the same can vary for across country packages.

Is return outwards same as sales return?


Every time you go to set your wallpaper on your htc touchpro2 its the same picture cut in half twice how do you get it to set the whole picture?

To set a whole picture as wallpaper on the HTC Touch Pro 2 phone select settings. Next, select wallpaper and choose no for default. Select the desired wallpaper and set it. This should not split the wallpaper in half twice.

Is wallpaper cheaper than paint?

I think it's close to the same but much more labor intensive. the only real advantage is you can get elaborate designs. There are wallpaper products that are roughly the same cost. The great thing about wallpaper is that you can get beautiful designs that cost a lot less than having beautiful murals painted. Wallpaper also lasts much longer than paint, so it can be less expensive in the long run.

What colour should you paint your walls to match this wallpaper?

Without seeing the wallpaper, how could I possibly know? If there is a background color on the wallpaper, you can go with that or any other color in it. If you use a color in the pattern, a flower or something, painting the walls the same color is going to bring that out more in the wallpaper. Depending on the pattern, this could be good or bad.

Are interest rate and rate of return the same?

Yes, the interest rate and rate of return are exactly the same.

A student wants to use translation images as wallpaper for his cell phone. Which image is a translation of the shaded figure?

same size same direction

How do you say please in Scottish?

"please" it same as in England

How much did Play-Doh cost in 1956?

In 1955 when it was first invented out of wallpaper glue it could sell for 150 dollars. When the original wallpaper glue in a can which was the same thing only sold for about 75 dollars.

Why can you not return earrings for pierced ears?

The same reason you can't return underwear.

What are the benefits of eating pussy?

You can please a women you might get the same in return. When my hubby goes down on me he say I tastes like strawberrys and smell sweet try it you'll like it

Can you place ecu from automatic talon tsi into a manual tsi same year?

Automatic yes, other way around, no. but, please return the computers to where you stole them. I know who you are anyway.

Where can i get the wallpaper in carla's flat in coronation street?

Sutherland daisys its called im after same one if that's the april 2013 series got no idea where to get it from though is it the red and brown umbrella type wallpaper soposed to be daisys

Is the novel Return Journey by R F Delderfield the sequel to his novel written in the same year Cheap Day Return?

No it's the same novel - 'Return Journey' is the title of the American publication of 'Cheap Day Return'.

What is the difference between return on investment and return on assets?

They are one and the same and they are used interchangeably.

How do you calculate risk - free return?

Risk free rate of return or risk free return is calculated as the return on government securities of the same maturity.

What is the adverb for please?

the answer is ......................please it is the same as the verb please from Anchala Ramesh from Lathom Junior school

How do you say please in England?

You say please in the country of England the same way you do in America. The words thank you are also the same.

Is the enter key like the return key?

They are the same thing, same button