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Q: Where can you get the wallpaper in the rovers return please?
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Where can you get wallpaper in coronation street rovers living room?

Where can i get the wall paper in the back room in the rovers return

Did Annie walker ever own the rovers return?


What are the ratings and certificates for Meerkat Manor - 2005 The Rovers Return 4-11?

Meerkat Manor - 2005 The Rovers Return 4-11 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

What are the release dates for Meerkat Manor - 2005 The Rovers Return 4-11?

Meerkat Manor - 2005 The Rovers Return 4-11 was released on: USA: 22 August 2008

Who ran the rovers return first in coronation street?

Jack Walker.

What colour door does the rovers return have?

it has red doors by joe salt

Name of pub in coronation street?

The name of the pub is the Rovers Return

Who set the rovers return on fire in coronation street?

Karl Munro.

How do you change the wallpaper on a creative zen v?

Just go to the picture you like, and hold the return button. Then click set as wallpaper.

What is the painting on the rovers return wall?

I think it's Starry Night by Van Gogh.

Where can you get the wallpaper in the bedroom from the movie the break-up?

ohhhh please when u do find out can you let me know also, i looove that wallpaper!! thank you!

The rovers return pub is at the corner of coronation and rosamund streets in weatherfield a community in what city?


Rover's Return is the pub featured in which long-running tv soap?

The rovers return is in the long running television soap coronation street.

Who owns the Rovers Return in Coronation Street?

Steve MacDonald owns the Rovers in Coronation Street. It used to be Liz MacDonald, Steve's mother but now she is just a bar maid for him!!!!!!!! Are you sure ! x

When was Please Return Your Love to Me created?

Please Return Your Love to Me was created on 1968-07-16.

Who did Annie walker play in coronation street?

Annie Walker was a character in this soap. She was the pub landlady at the Rovers Return.

What was the music playing the last episode of coronation street in the rovers return?

on 3rd december? was 'train in vain' by the clash

How many landlords have the rovers return have in coronation street?

4 13 not 4

What is the name of the pub that got burnt down on Coronation Street?

The Rovers Return was burnt down in Coronation Street.

How do you make Jonas Brother's picture your wallpaper?

please answer this question, please!! i love them and if you love them you have to tell me. i got a weird type of access.

3D Wallpaper?

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How many rovers are on Mars?

there are 8 rovers

What is blackburn rovers nickname?

The Rovers or The Blues

Why is doncaster rovers called rovers?

because they are from Doncaster!?

Do you like doncaster rovers?

Rovers till I die