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Where can you go fishing for clams?

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Three products of Canada's fishing industry?

the three proucts are samlon clams and tuna

Is clams only be in salt water my husband went fishing in Glasgow KY and on his hook caught a clam?

Clams can be either fresh water or salt water. (Depends on the species)

Do clams go to the bathroom?


Can you be fourteen and go fishing with out a license?

yes and no because if you are older than 14 you have to have a fishing license. when you are 14 you have to have a to have a fishing license to go fishing if you don't you can't go fishing at all ):

Do you need a permit to go kayak fishing?

No. All you need is a fishing license to go fishing. You do not generally need a specific licence to go Kayak fishing.

How do clams use oxygen?

they go on land

What could you do at a fishing port?

Go fishing

Can you use fishing in a sentence?

"I want to go fishing." "Do you want to go fishing?" "We went fishing yesterday!" "He was fishing for information". One of the best known books in Britain is Fly Fishing by J R Hartley.

Do the goo goo dolls go hunting and fishing?

no, they do not go hunting or fishing.

Can you go fishing in oblivion?

Technically, no. But you can go 'Bow Fishing'. It's basically fishing with your bow. Or you can swim around and catch slaughterfish.

What is the history in Canada?

Well the French came over there for fishing, the British had land clams up there, this is during the late 1700s, early 1800s.

Do you need a fishing license to go fishing off a dock?


Why do people go fishing when they have a sickness?

Because they like fishing

How do you fish in Free Realms?

go to the games and click fishing then choose where you want to go fishing :)

What do you do if you want to go fishing but your wife wont let you?

Then you ditch her and find a wife that will go fishing with you.

How do you get fishing?

this question makes no sense :P# you dont GET fishing, you GO fishing. are u simple??

What is a good time to go fishing in animal crossing wild world?

A good time to go fishing is when the sun is out and, of course, when there is no snow on the ground. Go fishing in about the middle of the day.

Where can one go fishing in Walleye?

There are many places where one can go fishing in Walleye. One looking to go fishing in Walleye should go to Old Hickory Lake located in the state of Tennessee.

Can you get a hint on where the holes are for the clams on Nancy Drew Danger on Deception island?

I know you can get clams at the beach you go to with the kayak. go the the rocks but be careful! you might fall in when your jumping from rock to rock!!!

How do you get a fishing rod on pet society?

You get a free twig fishing rod automatically when you go to the fishing pond.

When is it the best time to go fishing?

I think the best time to go fishing is early in morning and in spring.

Does Zac Efron go fishing?

I don't think he does go fishing because he is busy with a the movies he makes.

Is it good to go fishing in the rain?

Sometimes it is but the best time to go "fishing" is right before it rains

Use the word intend in a sentence?

I intend to go fishing tomorrow. Means I plan to go fishing.

What is the duration of Bad Day to Go Fishing?

The duration of Bad Day to Go Fishing is 1.67 hours.