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Q: Where can you go gold panning close to ventura county?
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Where can one find out how to go gold panning in the United States?

Since gold panning in the United States is no different from gold panning everywhere else, the simplest option would be to learn gold panning from one the many places which offer gold panning as an activity. Places that offer gold panning as an activity in the United States include: Columbia State Historic Park, Bannack State Park and Red Rock Canyon State Park. In general many national parks or similar places within the United States will be likely to offer gold panning as an activity. This is especially if they are located close to locations that are famous for gold rushes. Alternatively one can try to visit popular video webpages such as Youtube, since they will often have tutorials on gold panning made by amateur enthusiasts.

If you went panning in the river would you be panning for alluvial gold or reef gold?

alluvial gold

How panning for gold takes advantage of one of gold's characteristic properties?

How panning for gold takes advantage of one of gold's characteristic properties?

What is another name for panning for gold?

Another name for panning for gold is prospecting. People have panned for gold for centuries. It can be a fun family activity.

How panning for gold takes advantage of one of golds characteristics properties?

How panning for gold takes advantage of one of gold's characteristic properties?

Is panning a chemical change or physical change?

Panning (for gold) is neither of the above.

How do you use the word panning in a sentence?

The prospectors were panning for gold every day for a month.

What is another word for gold panning?

Gold prospecting

Why is Florida not good for panning for gold?

Because there is no gold there

How did gold panning affect the gold rush?

It didn't affect it.

How did miners search for gold in the California gold rush?


Who invented gold panning?


What methods were used to mine for gold?

some of them were panning, sluicing, dry panning, cradling, digging ect

Make a sentence with the word Panning?

I use my concave dish for the purpose of panning for gold dust on nugget

Does gold panning have a effect on the water being used to clean the gold?

The only time the water is affected in them other chemicals are used to feather separate the gold from impurities. At that point it really isn't panning. In panning all you are doing is using water to wash the heaver gold out of the other silt and gravel in the stream bed.

What is gold panning?

the activity of sifting for gold in creeks, rivers and streams

How panning separates gold from a mixture?

the gold will be alot more dense than the material you are panning, so by using subtle movements of the pan to separate these particles, the material is separated into soil stones and gold.

What mineral is sometimes retrieved by panning?

Panning is used to find nuggets or grains of gold from the gravel of a river or stream.

What is the method for gold panning?

Gravity separating.

How do you pan gems?

similar to panning for gold

How much can you make panning for gold?

A Lot

Was panning for gold easy in the 1850s?

no it wasnt

What is found gold?

Generally, 'found gold' is acquired by panning for gold flakes in mountain streams.

The technique of separating gold from a mixture of gold dirt and sand is called?


Is there gold in the stream?

Sometimes you can find gold by panning. This is called placer mining.