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Where can you go if you have no idea how student loans work?

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The financial aid department of any school will be able to answer all your questions.

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What company provides direct student loans?

There are only a few companies that provide direct student loans. You can go to a bank and get student loans from there, or you can get Federal Loans from your school.

I owe about 7000 in student loans which I am paying on can I go back to school and get more student loans?

Yes, you can take out additional loans as long as you are not in Default on the current loans.

How can I get direct student loans?

Go to banks and they can show how to get direct student loans. Also consider searching the web for direct student loans, and ask trusted friends, colleagues, and family members about this direct student loans. good luck.

Where can someone go to learn more about college education loans?

You can learn about college education loans from government websites such as Student Loans and Student Aid. Other websites include CU Student Loans and Scholarships.

Do you work or are you a student?

Many people work and go to school as a student. Working is a way many students pay for college. Often student loans and financial aid are not enough to cover college tuition and expenses.

Do student loans go to the student or the school?

The school receives the check and disperses it to you.

What is the procedure to apply for student loans?

To find out more information on applying for student loans go to You will find all the information you will need for applying for loans for school.

I need a student loan could you get me one?

If you are looking for student loans you can go here: to find a wide variety of student loans that will fit your needs for your education.

Can SSA be garnished for unpaid student loans?

Sure can and so can your tax refund go to the loans.

How do I go about consolidating student loans?

You can consolidate your student loans by consulting a financial planner or consultant. You can check out these tips for more information:

How do you find out if you have any outstanding student loans?

== == == == Go to to find out about federal loans. For private loans, check your credit report.

How do you get rid of student loans?

The only way to make student loans go away is to pay them off. Recent changes in bankruptcy laws makes it almost impossible for student loans to be discharged in a bankruptcy filing. Or simply avoid students loans, check out the Related Link.

Is it illegal to get student loans even if you go to school for free but get student loans anyways to buy a car?

Read your loan application carefully. It is probably fraud.

What student loans are the easiest to get?

There's lot of easy ways to get student loans for your tuition payments. You can go and visit for more info

Where can a student get advice on direct loans?

There are many places where one could go to get advice on and about direct student loans for college. The best places to go would be banks where they will explain the whole process.

Where can one get info on student loans from the government?

One can go to Stafford Loan to both apply and find information for student loans. One must remember to fill out enough information to get the loans from the government.

What are the differences between direct and indirect student loans?

The difference between direct and indirect student loans are direct loans come to you in your name to deposit and use for school. Indirect loans go stright to the school and are used just for tuition.

If you go back to get a MA and have student loans from your BA do you stop paying those loans while in school?

Yes, you can get an in-school deferment on your undergrad loans if you go back for masters.

Student Personal Loans?

Before making student personal loans, absorb all other options. Apply for pell grants, work study programs, and federal student aid (FAFSA) - Also look for private scholarships that are offered by your community or city's organizations. For student personal loans you normally will have to go to a private financial institution like a bank. These loans carry high interest rates, so if at all possible try to avoid them.

Taking out Loans for College ?

Many students are unable to afford college without a student loan of some sort. Student loans are necessary for a good majority of students that attend school. For the student that wants to attend college but does not have the financial means possible, student loans can open up a world of opportunity. If a student wants to know how to find some great student loans for college, then there are all sorts of resources he or she can consult. First off, a person will want to look for loans for college that have a good interest rate. It is a good idea for a student to apply for loans through the government. One of the smartest choices that a person can make is to apply for loans through the government. The government can truly be a great aid and rescue to any person that is applying for student loans. The government is here to help as many students go to school as possible. A student should never underestimate the government as a resource for disbursing student loans. The majority of students with loans receive all of their loans directly from the government. A student will likely pay for all of his or her tuition with loans from the government. Some people do not like this, while others do not really care. A student truly needs to be careful that he or she does not take out too many loans for college. Taking out too many loans for college can truly be risky for any student. When a student takes out too many loans for college, then he or she can end up in a tremendous amount of debt. A student may never be able to repay all of the loans that he or she takes out. It is never a good idea for a person to take on more debt than he or she can handle. If a person can not handle all of the debt that he or she faces, then this can be a very stressful situation. A person may end up having to declare bankruptcy as a result of having so much debt. It really is stressful for people.

Can you go back to school if your old student loans are in default?

no you can not. contact the department or company that your defaulted student loans are located at. some have a repayment/rehabilitation plan. When you complete this you can go back to school. best of luck!

If you go back to school do you have to still pay on your student loans?

You student loan officer can give you the perticulars, but if you go back with a full course load, your outstanding loans may be put off to interest only.

Where can one go to apply for private student loans?

Many universities and college can help you get student loans, but some of the best places to apply for private student loans are your local bank. Banks such as Wells Fargo does private student loans. I would also recommend comparing several of the banks in your area online to see if you can find information about interest rates and fee's.

When you die does your spouse get to keep your house of does it go to pay off student loans?


Where could someone go to look for private student loan consolidations?

To look for private student loan consolidations, on can go to the Student Aid website. The website has information about student loans, including how and where to consolidate them.