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NJ Dept. of Banking & Insurance

There's a link for Approved Insurance Education Providers (MS Excel, 68K) to download an .xls file for the NJOBI list of approved schools.

Online Title Pre-License ClassesCAPE Education (

State Provider # 17050

PO Box 377

Newtown Square, PA 19073


Some schools in Northern N.J.

American School of Business (

194 Route 46 East, 2nd Floor, Fairfield, NJ. 973-244-0333

Bergen Community College (

400 Paramus Road, Paramus, NJ. 201-447-7100

Kovats (

230 West Passaic St, Maywood, NJ. 201-843-7277

Professional School of Business (

22 E. Willow St, Millburn, NJ. 973-564-8686

Freehold Atlantic School in Monmouth and Middlesex counties

I can't locate any of the schools above. I've checked for phone numbers and website.

Q:Would you provide the exact names and also include any schools for NJ Title Producer License in South Jersey.

A: Your best bet for finding schools in southern NJ is to go directly to the NJDOBI website above or ask the company that you will be working for, what insurance licensing educator they recommend (ask them if they will provide the training to you - they usually send you to whichever school that they use at no monetary cost to you). Your state licensing, background check & fingerprinting related fees will be your responsibility though.

Searching for other states? Use "insurance producer" +

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How can one get an insurance adjuster education?

It would depend on what country you are located as to how you can get an education as an Insurance Adjuster. In Canada you would have to complete four Insurance Institute of Canada courses in order to receive a probationary license.

Do insurance agents have to finish insurance course to become an insurance agent?

Yes, in order to be become licensed, the insurance companies must get an insurance certificate and must complete pre-licensing courses. The certificate program lasts approximately 18 months.

Can I take insurance courses online?

Yes, insurance courses can be taken online. There are many online school offering insurance courses in different industries. So you have to check and see what are the criteria to be accepted and also what industries' insurance you are going to specialize in.

What are the legal requirements for selling insurance in the US?

Insurance sales agents need a license in the US states where they plan to sell. Moreover, separate licenses are required for agents to sell life and health insurance and property and casualty insurance. In most States, licenses are issued only to applicants who complete specified prelicensing courses and who pass state examinations covering insurance fundamentals and state insurance laws. The U.S. Department of Labor says that states are increasingly moving toward uniform licensing standards and reciprocal licensing, thanks to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999. This would allow agents who earn a license in one state to become licensed in other states upon passing the appropriate courses and examination. Those are the strict licensing requirements. Most insurance sales agents also have some formal education and some voluntary certifications.

What are some good websites where I can take online insurance courses?

Two websites that you can take online insurance courses at are, and

Where can one find good insurance courses?

Insurance Career Training would be a good place to start looking for insurance courses. One could also stop by their local insurance agent and get some good advice.

What education is needed to become a professional insurance agent?

It depends on the current requirements of your state in qualifying for an insurance license. Insurance pre-licensing and examination are the first steps in pursuing a career in the insurance industry. An individual should first complete the necessary requirements set by the state insurance department which includes courses that will introduce the applicant to the basics and fundamentals of insurance. A list of core and elective courses are required by the applicants to complete and send to the insurance department for qualification. After this, the applicant should take an examination, provided only by the state insurance department and should achieve a passing grade [passing grade is set by the insurance department] By then, if the applicant is able to pass the examination, he or she will be then issued by his or her license.

Where can I get the right insurance agent training to advance my career?

There are many insurance agent training courses that could be right for you. For example, for life insurance training, you could try the courses provided by Independent Life Insurance Agent Association.

Where can you find Chinese language courses to complete?

You can find Chinese language courses to complete online at the eChineseLearning website. Alternatively, you can also find courses on Chinese at the eLanguageSchool website.

How do you get an insurance adjuster license in Texas?

There are lots of online provider who offer Texas Insurance Adjuster Licensing Exam. After completing the necessary requirements, you need to complete 40 hours of General courses regarding specific areas such as Life, Health, Property and Casualty Insurance. Other mandatory courses are also included in the package. After getting licensed, you are now required to take a Texas Insurance Continuing Education for the renewal of your license.

Are there any online courses available in order to obtain a Kellogg MBA?

Kellogg does offer online courses for a lot of their degrees. To complete an MBA, however, you would be able to complete some courses online, but not the entire coursework to complete the degree.

You want auto insurance courses in surrey bc?


Do insurance agents have to take annual refresher courses to maintain their insurance licenses?

Yes, insurance agents do have to take refresher courses to maintain their licenses in order for an agent to get their next level licenes they have to take a refresher course and pace the test at the end.

What math courses do you have to complete to be a math teacher?

All of them!?

Does a Pokemon game ever finish?

it does,if you complete its courses.

What courses do I need to take to get an insurance license?

It depends on the state - try a google search for insurance license, or check out

Are there courses that you can take to lower your auto insurance rates?

Some insurance companies have their own courses that you can take online and you'll pay a nominal fee to take it, but you'll immediately save more when you present them with the certificate.

What kind of education is necessary for car insurance agents?

To become an insurance agent, it is recommended that a person take college courses in insurance brokering. Licensing is required to be an insurance agent, and a course of this kind is required for that.

What courses do you need to become a nurse?

Just find a nursing school that you want to go to ask them about their pre-requisite courses. Complete these courses and make B's with out repeating any of the courses. Apply to the nursing school. That is about it.

Where can you go in New Jersey to complete the pre-licensing course for life and health producers license?

Check out Bisys Education service for self study materials. You can get it thru me for a discount. 4lifeguildTITLE GEEKHere's the link to the NJ State Approved educators for Insurance in NJ for both pre-licensing and CE.NOTE: NJ does not allow self-study for pre-licensing courses, only for CE."Those who wish to engage in the Insurance business in New Jersey are required to attend a pre-licensing course and pass a state licensing exam. Upon completion of our course(s) you will be given a "Certificate of Completion" which is used to gain admission into the STATE EXAM*New Licensing & Continuing Education Requirements* The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance adopted new producer licensing regulations that became effective on January 1, 2007. The new regulations lower the required classroom hours to 20 hours per licensing authority.CLASSROOM HOUR REQUIREMENTS:CoursesRequired Hours Life Insurance Course20 hours* Accident, Health & Sickness Insurance Course20 hours Life, Accident, Health & Sickness Insurance Combo Course40 hoursProperty & Casualty Insurance Course40 hours*Title Insurance Licensing Courses20 hours**Note: When reviewing our schedules that our training programs exceed the state minimum required hours for these courses.WHO MUST BE LICENSED: Any person who engages in the solicitation, negotiation or effectuation of insurance coverages and/or receives any commissions, brokerage fee, compensation or other consideration MUST BE LICENSED in New Jersey. In addition all Life Insurance Producers in New Jersey who want to sell variable products must obtain a Variable Life Insurance Producers License. To obtain this license you must pass the NASD series 6 exam and file your registration number with the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance.Please refer to Securities Courses for additional information."

How do you get your insurance adjuster license in Texas?

Insurance adjusters are the ones who settle claims.If you wish to adjust claims in Texas then you will need to take the Texas Adjuster license exam that is approved by Texas Department of Insurance. There is no specific educational requirement to get your Texas Adjuster license. Licensing requires the completion of pre-licensing courses, passing a state licensing exam or both. After being licensed, be sure to keep up with your yearly adjuster continuing education. Most courses take 40 hours to complete, and many course providers like the related link below allow you to complete the course online. You must pass the Texas Department of Insurance insurance adjuster exam at the end of the course. Your course provider is responsible for administering the exam.

Where are title insurance schools in south Florida?

Continuing Education courses for Florida Title Insurance Agents are available online at

Are there schools to become an insurance agent in Los Angeles, CA?

Los Angeles City College offer courses in real estate such as real estate investing and finance. There are also home study courses available to become an insurance agent.

How do Florida Insurance Schools compare with similar schools in Omaha, NE?

Florida Insurance Schools compare with similar schools NOW IT IS OFFERING THE DEGREE COURSES ALONG WITH THE INSURANCE SCHOOL

if i completed 2 semesters of LVN school, but didnt complete the last semester, how can i challenge the board to take the test to be a CNA?

You can not. They need you to complete the courses and to keep the license you need to keep taking courses sometimes.