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Where can you go on holiday in Europe that's not overrun with British tourists?

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  • Germany - except the Rhine, the Black Forest, Berlin and Munich.
  • France and Belgium - the Ardennes.
  • Bulgaria and Romania, provided you keep away from the coast.
  • Slovakia.
  • Keep well clear of all football matches!
AdditionalLuxembourg, if you're after breathtaking scenery, good food, beer and wine. You will come across plenty of Germans, Belgians and Dutch people but very very few Brits.

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Where can one book a holiday to tour Europe?

A person could book a holiday tour to Europe through a company called British Airways. A person might also book a holiday tour to Europe through Central Holiday's online website.

What are 3 major tourists attractions in Europe?

name three tourists attractions and where they are located in europe.

When is the annual vacation in Europe?

People in Europe tend to take holidays in the Summer. Many also tsake Winter Sports holidays. The French especially tend to holiday in August, and cities such as Paris are left to the tourists from other countries.

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Why couldn't Jewish girls go to school in 1942?

Europe had been overrun by the Nazis and was at war.

What was the situation on Europe at the time that the battle of Britain was fought?

It had been completely overrun by German forces.

Is Thanksgiving a holiday in Europe?

No, Thanksgiving is not a holiday in any of Europe's countries.

Which country is more popular with tourists kenya or italy?

Italy is more popular with tourists than Kenya. It is also much easier for tourists to come to Italy from Europe.

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Where is Hisaronu Turkey located?

Hisaronu is a city located in Turkey, which is in Europe. It is located near the Turkish Mediterranean coast. The area is popular, particularly with British tourists because of its friendly reputation.

Why do millions of tourists flock to the northeast every year?

to go to Europe

What is a favorite tourists' spot in Europe that starts with a L?

The Louvre

What is Thanksgiving called in Europe?

Thanksgiving is a North American holiday. It is not celebrated in Europe.

What is the most visited place in europe?

Overall, the most visited country of Europe, and the world, is France with an annual number of tourists averaging about 77 million. Overall, the most visited city in Europe, and the world, is Paris with an annual number of tourists averaging about 15 million.

Where do most tourists to the US come from?

Usually from either Europe or Canada or from Asia.

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What is an important holiday in Europe?

Christmas would be an important holiday in almost all European countries.

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See It Now - 1951 American Tourists in Europe 4-1 was released on: USA: 31 August 1954

Is Tunisia classed as Europe when booking holiday insurance?

Tunisia is in Northern Africa - not Europe.

Why is Europe so popular among tourists?

Europe is often named as a popular tourist attraction. This is because of the rich history of Europe and its many ancient monuments.