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Where can you go to get a nose job at 17?

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April 23, 2007 3:21PM

A plastic surgeon. Consult your general practioner for a reference or your local yellow pages. Ask for a consultation- depending on your growth, some surgeons will ask that you wait until you are 18 until your facial features are completely developed (it would be bad to operate on a changing nose, creating something that looks good at first, only to have it shift as you continue to grow). It's very likely that your surgeon will want your parents' permission before continuing- especially since they, and not insurance, will be footing the bill. Also remember that such changes are permanent. While plastic surgeries on young people are not unheard of-indeed, some surgeons even offer "sweet sixteen" packages, remember that you might not feel the same about your nose now as you may in a year. It's normal for young people to feel disatisfied with their appearance. Deciding whether you really do want to change your nose and also that you have realistic expectations for the outcome are very important.