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I googled paternity test Savannah ga and come up with a number of hits. Here are some, but you may want to check it out yourself. Also, I have no idea how much these places charge...

METRO Plex, 5203 Paulsen St Savannah, Ga. 31405 phone 912-691-0282

Genelex can currently arrange paternity testing collections in the Georgia locations listed below. (Savannah included) Call us at 800 523-3080

Accurate DNA Testing

6205 Abercorn Street 109, Savannah, GA 31405 phone: (912) 355-2362

Health Awareness Enterprises

626 Us Highway 80 West, Garden City, GA 31408 phone:(912) 964-1531


624 Us Highway 80 West, Savannah, GA 31408 phone: (912) 964-1531

Compliance Evaluating and Testing Service -Will come to you at home or work for no extra charge- Results can be used for legal purposes Phone: (843) 815-6515

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Q: Where can you go to have a paternity test in Savannah GA?
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Can a mother go to court to order a paternity test?

A mother can go to court and request an order for a paternity test. The court will issue the order and the named father will need to submit to a paternity test.

If the biological mother refuses to go for a paternity test?

If you are a legal guardian of the child then you can take the child and go get a paternity test yourself.

What direction will you be going if you start in Atlanta GA and go to Savannah GA?


Where is the best place to go in Savannah ga?

Joshua Mills

How soon can one do a prenatal paternity test?

One can do a prenatal paternity test off to five to seven days. For more information on a prenatal paternity test you can go by your gynaecologist for more personal advice.

How do you take a paternity test?

Go to the doctor. They will do DNA test.

Can you do a paternity test without the father knowing?

Answer Go to any pharmacy and buy a paternity test kit, why tell the guy if you don't have to.

Where can I go to Take a paternity test?

You could go to your genetic profiles clinic and get a paternity test done. Also, you could order an at home one for around 80 dollars.

Can a father go to court to order a paternity test if he already claimed the child as his?

Yes. He can "claim" all he wants, but he has no evidence that the child is his without a paternity test.

Can you refuse paternity?

If the test is ordered through the courts, you can actually go to jail for refusing to establish paternity. So, no.

Getting caught altering a paternity test?

If the altered document is presented in court as proof of paternity or non-paternity, the witness could go to jail for perjury.

Can jaden smith come to atlanta or Savannah ga?

um he can go anywhere

What is the driving distance between Savannah GA and Helen GA?

286 miles if you go through Augusta. 331 miles if you go through Atlanta.

where do i go to get a paternity test done ?

Go to and I will be able to help you find a location near you.

How does one go about getting a paternity test?

DNA has to be taken from the child and both parents.

How is your new father?

Type your answer here... having problem with your paternity? go for DNA test

How can a woman get away with accusing someone of being the father and that person did not even know they were having a baby and now u have a letter from child support to pay with no paternity test.?

She can get away with it until you go to court and file a motion for a court ordered paternity test. If the test disproves your paternity, you can file a motion to cease child support based on that.

Where can one get a DNA paternity test?

One can get a DNA paternity test kit from Walmart or Walgreens. The test can be done in the convenience of one's home. Or, one can go to a doctor for the test. Test kit can be order online to DNA Center India and sample can be collected by own. It cost 9999 INR in India

Can i go to a free clinic to get a pre-natal paternity test? They are available online.

Where would you go to take the test for a used car sellers license in GA?

Call the Ga dmv

How many miles from Las Vegas NV to Savannah Ga?

59 hours and 1997.3 miles to go........plane is 4 hours...

My son has to have a dna test done.The mother has had her's but he was told that a place in birmingham Ala could give him one for a cheap price and he could make payments on it where does he need to go?

The only paternity test that is valid in court is one ordered by a judge. If this test is being done to determine paternity, it must be conducted at a facility approved by the court and in a manner approved by the court. If the court ordered him to a paternity test, the court will tell him which facilities are on the list. Contact the court.

How do you go about finding out paternity of a child?

Well the mother never needs to establish maternity as she knows that's her child, but the father would have to establish paternity by taking a DNA test. The most accurate test are done by swabbing both mother and father's inside cheek with a cotton swab along with the child to match the DNA. Now if the mother is non willing to test, paternity can still be established by just the father and child testing alone.

Can you file for a paternity test if the father wants to be involved in the childs life if it turns out to be that the child is his. But the mother says she does not want the father around?

After the baby is born the father can go to court and request a paternity test. If the test confirms the father's paternity he can request custody and a visitation order and the court will establish a child support order. The mother cannot refuse to obey the court orders that establish the father's rights. If she does, she could eventually lose custody.

Where can I go to have a free paternity test done in SC?

There are no places to get this test done for free, as it is considered optional. However, visit to find low cost places to have it done.