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The Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson, 3rd edition, by Supica and Nahas.

2008-12-04 00:46:15
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In what year did Samuel Colt patent his revolver?

Samuel Colt first attempted to patent a revolver in the US in 1832. UK Patent #6909 was his first successful revolver patent: it was issued in 1835.

When did Samuel Colt patent his revolver?

1832.Samuel Colt first attempted to patent a revolver in the US in 1832. UK Patent #6909 was his first successful revolver patent: it was issued in 1835.1836Samuel Colt's first U. S. patent was patent No. 1304, dated August 29, 1836. This patent protected the basic design of his revolving-breech loading, folding trigger firearm named the Paterson pistol. Previous to his American patent he had been awarded a patent in England (1935) for the same design.1836Samuel Colt invented the first revolver, a gun named after its inventor "Colt", and after its revolving cylinder "revolver". In 1836, Samuel Colt was granted a U.S. patent for the Colt revolver, which was equipped with a revolving cylinder containing five or six bullets and an innovative cocking device.

When was the revolver patented?

The earliest patent for a revolver was issued in 1818, for a flintlock revolver. There were other patents for revolvers, but the most significant was the Colt patent, which issued in England in 1835 and in the US in 1836. The specific thing that was patented was not the revolver, but a revolver designed in such a way that the cylinder was rotated and locked by the action of cocking the hammer.

What groups did the colt patent revolver affect?

Firearms makers.

Where can you find information about a revolver if the only markings on the barrel is Victor No 3 Pat May 23 1876?

Manufactured by Harrington & Richardson very near that patent date.

How Do I Apply For A Patent?

For patent information, you need to contact The US Patent and Trademark Office or you can also visit their websiteand find some additional patent information there.

When was Patent Information Users Group created?

Patent Information Users Group was created in 1988.

What is the estimated value of a Smith and Wesson 32 cal revolver with a patent of 1914?

75 or so

Was Einstein working as a patent clerk when he formulated the Special Theory of Relativity?

Yes Einstein was working as a patent clerk when he formulated the Special Theory of Relativity.

Where would one find information on how to get a patent?

The best resource for information on how to get a patent is the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO has a user friendly website with lots of information about each part of the patenting process.

What is the value of a 38 sw special ctg stamped on right side of barrel 6-cylinder revolver no patent date left side of barrel smith and Wesson?

Age of smith Wesson serial no 5K4166

Where can one find information on how to patent your idea?

There are many ways one can find out about information on obtaining a patent on an idea. This includes obtaining the help of a patent attorney or asking in forums.

What is the patent number for the Springfield Model 951 410 shotgun?

3.130.513 mine has serial number A415478

Where can one find information on US patent online?

Information on U.S patents can be found on the U.S patent and trademark office website. If you are searching for a certain trademark or patent they have resources at your disposal.

Who was Samuel Colt?

Samuel Colt conceived the six-shooter revolver in 1830 at the age of 16, and patent it in 1836.

Where did inventor Samuel Colt patent his revolver?

In 1835, Samuel Colt was issued patent No. 6909 in London, England for his repeating revolver. In 1836, Mr. Colt returned to America and applied for two US patents. US Pat. No. X9430 on February 25th and No. 1304 on August 29th of that year.

Does anyone know how to get a patent for a wheelchair?

You'll want to file a design patent application. This basically is a special type of patent for people who have a design for a new product.

How old is a revolver with patent 51668?

A patent number will only tell you the EARLIEST date on which the device was manufactured, and the patent number could still be put on many years after the patent expired (although without any legal effect). For U.S. patents, go to, click patent, search, and type in the number to find the image of the particular patent you're interested in (prior to 1976).

What is the value of a nickeled 38 special Smith and Wesson Springfield M and P with a 5 inch barrel k frame original grip several patent dates and matching serial 5876 in poor condition?

175 or so

Where does one have to register an invention patent?

You can file an invention patent online using a variety of governmental sites dependant on which country you live in. These websites typically allow you to submit your patent and further information then keep you informed of the patent process and let you know if more information is required to secure your patent.

Where can one find information on patent help?

Information on patent help can be found at The Patent Office, Legal Zoom and Patently Brilliant. Help is additionally available at Idea 4 Invention and Trademark Express.

How can one find more information about getting a patent?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office website is a great resource for information about obtaining a patent. The website has all of the information you need to apply for a patent or search for a patent.

What is the day and the month that inventor Samuel colton patent his revolver?

Does the person who asked this question really mean "Colton" and not "Colt"?

What is the age and value of a 38 revolver SN232452 Patent Sept 19 1871?

Impossilble to answer without the name of the maker and the condition.

What did Albert Blackburn invent?

Black American inventor, Albert B. Blackburn, of Springfield, OH, received a patent for a "Railway-Signal" ("operated by the wheel or wheels of the train").Patent number 376,362