Where can you learn about the history of West Englewood?

Try the Chicago Historical Society (http://www.chicagohs.org/) I grew up in West Englewood and lived at 1540 West 62nd Street. Prior to this I lived in Back of the Yards. I attended Earle Public School at 62nd and Marshfield. This was way before the El reached 63/Ashland. Earle was built in 1896 and still used. We had an old playground there in the schoolyard that was from the 90's too-two poles high up in the air ( pipes ) we used to slide down. Across the street was a candy store that sold penny ices. Our Theater was the Ogden formerely The West Englewood where Bob Hope got his start. 25 cents. It was just west of Ashland. Woolworths had entrances on Ashland and 63rd St. Ferrell Hicks Chev,Ace Hardware,A & P,a Lionel Trains store,and many vacant " prairies ". I'm white and took photos of Earle in 1996 and some black boys were amazed I ever went there. I went to school with a few blacks there in 1958. Black people lived about two blocks west of my house in 58 when I was nine.Want to hear from anyone with more info on this area.