Where can you learn more about the true story depicted in the movie 'The Great Escape'?

Read the book. It has the same title and gives the historically accurate details of what happened. Its pretty interesting as I recall. I read it in high school. Michael Montagne The book "The Great Escape" is by Paul Brickhill (one of the imprisoned Alied fliers). There is another book "The Longest Tunnel" by Alan Burgess that goes further and tracks five or six individuals as they find themselves caught up in WWII, shot down, and then imprisoned in the very real maximum security prison camp in 1943-44. The book also follows the survivor's stories of not only that escape, but their subsequent escape attempts, and the aftermath as Germany collapses and their lives are in danger. Life was a day to day, minute by minute affair, after orders were issued to terminate any and all the prisoners. They were moved across Germany, until finally, it was aquestion of Allied, Russian or Germany troops that might shoot them dead. For an understanding of the basic story, see the 1960 movie of the same name. It has changed very minor details and is historically accurate on how the escape was planned, conducted, and executed. Only minor parts for dramatic license were altered. The result is a gripping story of survival, determination, and pursuit that stand the test of time. The movie won academy awards with an international cast of stars. Elmer Bernstein composed the memorable theme music. This movie, along with Bridge on the River Qui should brackett the insanity of WWII and man's drive to escape. Here is an interesting Link about the historical background; its References page lists at least 12 books related to this subject.