Where can you legally smoke marijuana in the Caribbean?

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There currently (October 2014) are no places in the Caribbean where you can legally smoke marijuana. However, Jamaica is considering making changes to their marijuana regulations.
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Is marijuana legal?

there are legal drugs in some stated close to marijuana like k2 andsalvia that cost a minimum of @50/gram..the way things are goingthese taxed drugs are worst to your body than weed so its apossibility it will be legal one day. === It is illegal in most jurisdictions, but in many of them the lawsare ( Full Answer )

How do you legalize marijuana?

I believe the only ways to legalize marijuana is to move to California, Oklahoma, or any other state that has legalized it. The second i feel is to turn it into an herb. i feel that if it is cooked than it is considered a herb which is ingested as food.

What does smoking marijuana do to you?

It makes your emotions go into an extreme from whatever you were feeling before you smoked it. If you were happy, you would be extremely giggly, if you were paranoid about being caught, it will be a horrible experience as your paranoia will be on a completely new level.

Why is it legal to smoke tobacco but not marijuana?

MARIJUANA isn't legal because of years of negative propaganda instituted by the wealthy of America in the 1930s who believed the usability of marijuana would cut into their profits. That negative propaganda has been very effective, but the truth is coming out and marijuana is well on its way to lega ( Full Answer )

Where is marijuana legal to smoke?

In various countries and in the U.S. only where it is for medicinal uses ONLY. Which is still a gray area, due to the fact that the state and federal laws contradict each other. Unless it is for medical reasons, there are no states in the United States where marijuana is legal to smoke. There are ( Full Answer )

How can you legally smoke marijuana?

You can get a prescription from your doctor for the use of this substance IF you meet the basic rules for the use of it. (They are very strict on these rules and dont hand out prescriptions lightly).. It is legal to smoke marijuana in Alaska.

How do you get legal for marijuana?

First, you must live in a state that has legalized marijuana. Then, you must go to a doctor (ask around and find a doctor that is known to do this) and get a prescription (for anxiety, depression, cancer, glaucoma, etc) and then go to a Medicinal Marijuana club and sign up for for a membership ($250 ( Full Answer )

When was marijuana legal?

Most likely within the next 5 years. I deleted the last idiots answer because he just said it was made illgeal in 1951, when it was really made illegal in 1937.

When you smoke marijuana what does it do to you?

The short-term effects of marijuana include: . problems with memory and learning; . distorted perception (sights, sounds, time, touch) ; . trouble with thinking and problem solving; . loss of motor coordination; and . increased heart rate. Effects can be unpredictable, especially when o ( Full Answer )

Can you smoke marijuana?

Yes you can smoke marijuana. Whether it is legal for you to do sodepends upon the laws in your area. It is most commonly smoked as a joint (rolled up in paper like acigarette) or through a pipe or water pipe (bong). You can alsoingest it by eating it in brownies or other foods, or drink it madeinto ( Full Answer )

Where is it legal to smoke marijuana?

It is legal to smoke marijuana in Uruguay. In the United States, itis legal to consume some forms of marijuana in Colorado and inWashington.

How do you smoke marijuana?

bongs, blunts, pipes, bubblers, joints, chillums, vaporizers, steamrollers, gravity bongs, hookah, cans, apples, bottles, papaya stems, pens, etc. be creative, but be clean.

What can you get from smoking Marijuana?

Nothing but happiness and mild short term memory loss while under the influence. Also, you'll be very hungry. Some users also report bouts of paranoia while under the influence; this seems to vary from person to person. Busted. High.

About Legalizing Marijuana?

The government does not want to legalize pot because it is a resource that is readily available, most people who smoke pot love it, its a plant, nothing more...nothing is added. if you grew a marijuana plant and smoked it you would get high. its that easy... right now marijuana as medicinal use is a ( Full Answer )

Where can you smoke marijuana and still be legal?

Some states have passed medical marijuana laws, but even though the state has passed the law it is still illegal according to federal law. So, this means no place in the United State is it legal.

How to smoke marijuana?

There are numerous ways to smoke weed. You just need a pipe of some kind. They can be bought at head shops if your 18 or you can make one. Once you have a pipe just put the dried cannabis inside breathe in and light it. Depending on the way you smoke it, you may experience a different feeling in ( Full Answer )

In which countries is smoking marijuana legal?

In majority of the world marijuana is ILLEGAL-to varying degrees. For example, in most Asian countries mere possession of a minimal amount of marijuana is punishable by life in prison. However, in other countries in Europe, such as Amsterdam in the Netherlands, possession of marijuana is legal as ( Full Answer )

Where can marijuana be smoked legally?

Marijuana is completely legal in countries such as Peru, Holland and a few South American islands. Also it is also decriminalized (Legal Crime) in most countries around the world. Answer- in some places you can smoke if your name is on a government medical list(if you have Aids or cancer etc.)and ( Full Answer )

What if marijuana was legal?

well the justification for making it illegal is the "gateway theory" which assumes that use of marijuana will lead to use of other drugs. if you made marijuana a legal drug, you wouldn't have to be introduced to the black market (where harder drugs are sold) to get it therefor, I believe, if mar ( Full Answer )

Why was marijuana legal?

It has its benefits... and its really not that bad as cigarettes just depends on how much and how its taken in. People werent as crazy back then as todays society where you cant say anything without a lawsuit.

Legal age to smoke Marijuana in the U.s.a.?

u have to have a card called the medical marijuana card to be able to smoke it legally . Answer . Although smoking or ingesting marijuana is illegal in the USA (saving some medical exemptions) as yet no person's over the age of 150 have been prosecuted.

How is marijuana smoked?

You can smoke it out of a lot of things. You can use a cigar wrapper to smoke it. Put it in the blunt, and light it on fire. Or you can put it in a pipe or bong or other thing, for example an apple. I recommend that use a vaporizer to hit it. Its way better way of doing it holmes.

Is smoking marijuana in Louisiana legal?

No it is not legal. However when I have been stopped and the cops find marijuana on me. All they do you issue you a citation. You get a ticket and pay a fine. I'm not talking about if you have large amounts, but if you have a smaller personal bag, like a quarter or so, then they just take your weed, ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of smoking legal marijuana?

A buzzy heady rush that gives you a high that you would expect fromm smoking a ton of low grade shwag. "Legal Bud" is actually not THC depleted cannabis at all, It is a Hybrid of the hemp plant that has been crossed with many different plants such as salvia and kratom.

Where can you get marijuana legally?

In some states of the US, provision is made for medical use, that is, marijuana smoked or otherwise consumed for relaxant and painkilling properties. Restrictions around permission grants are very tight, and there must be medical evidence that another painkiller is not better or easier (e.g. allergy ( Full Answer )

What does marijuana do to you when smoked?

Marijuana causes various psychoactive and physiological effects such as reddening of the eyes, dryness of the mouth, increased sense of well being, increased hunger/relief of nausea, sensations of heat or cold, increased heart rate, relaxation of muscles, decreased or increases attention span, and i ( Full Answer )

Is marijuana smoke?

Marijuana is a plant and the leaves and buds that contain the active ingredient THC are either smoked, ingested, or vaporized and inhaled for administration.

Is it legal to smoke marijuana in AZ?

It is not legal anywhere in the United States of America to smoke marijuana under federal law. Some states have passed laws allowing for the medicinal use of marijuana, but most of the bills have serious wording issues which have led to legal troubles for many "legal" users. Think of it like ( Full Answer )

Why isn't it legal to smoke marijuana?

The reason that marijuana is illegal is simply this: In the early to mid-1900's, the largest crop in America was Cotton. After a large migration of latin imigrants into the Southern United States, however, cotton was beginning to take a back seat to the bud... so, big business, or THE MAN, began put ( Full Answer )

Why marijuana is not legal?

Cannabis is an amazing plant. It is useful in medicine, food, textiles, construction, and can even be grown as a renewable source of energy. When used as a drug, it is extremely safe. Nobody has ever died directly from consuming marijuana. Also, smoking it does not cause lung cancer like smoking tob ( Full Answer )

Where in the world can police officers legally smoke marijuana?

I'd say Amsterdam. Here in Vancouver we're referred to as West Amsterdam but technically it's still illegal here and cops can have no association with it. I'm sure with the medicinal marijuana loopholes in the US a cop could smoke weed if say he had a prescription for it.

Why did marijuana get legalized?

Because besides being a harmful drug it, if used correctly, is also a helpful medicine. To use this you get a perscritption. But, unfortunately, people make fake persrciptions or take to much of it.

Can you legally purchase and smoke marijuana in Amsterdam?

The Amsterdam law says weed can be bought and sold in "small amounts" for "recreational use only" in places like coffee shops or tea shops, but everyone down there just smokes when, where, and how much they want.

What not to do if smoking marijuana?

Never smoke out of aluminum cans or aluminum foil. Never smoke in public or in plain sight (unless it's legal where you live) Don't panic. Although marijuana treats anxiety, if you make yourself feel paranoid, you will get VERY paranoid. Luckily it wears off easily. Never smoke aound pregnant women ( Full Answer )

Would the legalization of marijuana cause more people to smoke it?

It's hard to say. In my opinion, no and yes. No, because a lot of people do it as a rebellious act. At first, many people would probably smoke a lot, but it would be sold in stores, and it would be a very good running business. After a while, it would die down, just like smoking cigarettes. A lot o ( Full Answer )

Why was marijuana legalized?

people say it cures you from certain diseases. People started a riot so they just gave in.

What is the legal marijuana smoking age in Colorado and Washington?

As far as i'm aware there is no legal age, as throughout the US it is illegal, in some states it is legal ONLY if you have a medical prescription for it, generally given to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. MORE The news reports it is 21.

When did marijuana get legal?

Marijuana was made illegal by the federal government in the 1960's due to the fact that hemp would take the place of trees and cotton in many products and marijuana would take the place of man made pharmaceutical drugs which means they would get less money. it's still federally illegal and only Colo ( Full Answer )