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Q: Where can you legally watch Fruits Basket subbed online?
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Where you can watch fruits basket English subbed?

right here~ and you can also watch it in English too! have fun!

Where can you dowload Fruits basket the anime?

you can watch it online without downloading just go to google and type Fruits Basket episode # (whatever episode you are watching) English (your language, if Japanese don't do subbed or dubbed) Subbed or Dubbed* Or go to Netflix (if you have an account, NOT FREE!) and search fruits basket* note only type what is written in bold (READ PARENTHESES)

Where can you go to watch episodes to fruits basket?

A good place to go would be, where there are both the dubbed and subbed episodes of many other anime as well. Oh, and it's all free. :)

What are some funny yet romantic animes to watch?

ouran high school host club (subbed and dubbed) , fruits baskets (subbed and dubbed), DEFINATLY special A (subbed), kaichou wa maid sama (subbed and dubbed),lovely complex (subbed) andtoradora (subbed)

Where can you watch Fruits Basket episodes?

Watch fruits basket online for free at animefreak! yay! It's pretty good quality (and English dubbed AND English subbed, so you can choose). the only bad thing is that its megavideo, which has a 72 minute time limit, but then your eyes probably need a break after 72 minutes. anyway, have fun watching! its my favourite anime. (and read the manga if you haven't already. XD) (mangafox is where i read it) or you could watch it at dubhappy

When will one piece movie 11 be subbed online?

It has been subbed already

Where can you legally download Naruto Shippuden videos?

Well I know you can watch them online for free here: It comes in subbed and dubbed in English. It also has all of the Naruto episodes and many others!

When will One Piece Episode of Nami get subbed into a DVD?

The subbed version can be found online, that means the DVD has been released already in Japan.

Where can you find in manga fruit basket episode 27?

Funimation allows you to stream the Fruit Basket Episode 2 dubbed or subbed on their official website. They allow you to watch full episodes with commercial breaks free.

Where can you watch episodes of Keroro Gunso online subbed?

on Youtube

When will naruto shippuden episode 173 subbed be online?

already is

Where can you watch fullmetal alchemist sacred star of milos subbed online?

no where

Watch Naruto Shippuden Movie 3 Subbed Online?

Where can you see tsubasa chronicle online?

there are a number of sites you can watch it on. you can find it on youtube both subbed and dubbed. you can also find it only subbed on, where they also have the OVAs

Where can you watch Japanese subbed episodes online?

The best place to look is

What website can you watch free online episode of Naruto shippuden English subbed?

Where can you watch subbed Death Note Movies online?

Where to watch Bleach 271 English Subbed High Quality Online?

Go to

Is Naruto Shippueden going to be on TV?

Maybe. Probably. But for now, its just online in subbed form.

When will Naruto Shippuden Movie 3 inheritors of the Will of Fire English subbed come out online?

the movie was released on DVD April 21 2010, the movie should be online and subbed a few days after then. (go to, as far as I know they're always the first)

Where can you watch bleach fade to black in English online?

Technically, the movie hasn't yet premiered in English. You can watch it subbed if you Google it, but I'm not exactly sure where. Check the related questions and maybe you'll find it subbed there.

What time are new Naruto shippuden episodes put online the subbed version?

Because it is shown in japan

When will naruto Shippuden episode 173 subbed be aired?

Thursday August 12, 2010 only online

What episode does ichigo gain full hollow?

episode 271 English subbed so you have to watch it online

Where can you watch Fairy Tail Movie English subbed online for free?

the only upload that is available so far, is the Japanese raw version. the eng subbed version is not available yet. several anime-sites announce that the eng sub version will be online soon... but they don't mention what exactly "soon" means.