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Where can you legally watch or download movies online for free?

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We understand how tempting it is to try to find free movies to download - we love FREE stuff too, and we love Hollywood! - but it's usually illegal to download movies from the internet, depending on the copyright and license information for the particular movie.

Downloading Free Movies

Since downloading movies without paying for them is illegal, Answers can't provide you with information to download such movies, except for movies with licensing that is free for distribution (but these will never be popular movies).

Box office (the ones you see in theaters), DVDs, and VHS movies are generally illegal for downloading free. There are some movies out there that are free to download and free to watch - usually independent films or other films that didn't make it to retail.

Watching Free Movies

Movies are generally not available legally over the Internet for free. However there are certain exceptions such as Hulu. You can rent them legally through iTunes or watch them streaming from Netflix (with a subscription).

Movie clips can often be found through video search engines and hosting sites like: Blinkx, DailyMotion, YouTube and Truveo.

Free Movie Download Sites

Here are a few sites where you can download free movies; they are all free, all legal, and feature hundreds of high-quality movie clips and full-length movies.

Please note: If you come across a site that is asking you to pay money in order to view their films, you've either clicked on an ad, or that particular site has changed its policies.

Video Search engines - A video search engine is a web-based search engine which crawls the web for video content. Some video search engines parse externally hosted content while others allow content to be uploaded and hosted on their own servers. Some engines also allow users to search by video format type and by length of the clip. Search results are usually accompanied by a thumbnail view of the video. - was launched in 2004 and uses speech recognition and visual analysis to process spidered video rather than rely on metadata alone. blinkx claims to have the largest archive of video on the web and puts its collection at around 14,000,000 hours of content. - had one of the first video search engines with easy accessible use. Is found on a direct link called "Video" off the main page above the text block. - is a Web-wide video search engine that was founded in 2004 and launched in September 2005. Truveo claims to index over 100 million videos from thousands of sources across the Web

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