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Q: Where can you listen to the song telephone call by george Jones?
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Did george Jones guest star on tv singing telephone call with daughter Tina?

yes he sang that song with his daughter it would be nice to have that song again

What are facts about the telephone?

Some interesting facts about the telephone are it lets you communicate with others by, you can text, send pictures, listen to music, and call.

Can you call people with the telephone?

yes you can call people with a telephone!! who knew!!

When was The Telephone Call created?

The Telephone Call was created in 1987-02.

Can my phone call be monitored when I use a wireless telephone?

Yes it is possible that your call can be monitored. It is however illegal to listen in on another wireless telephone call. New laws were passed back in the 90's to keep manufactures from making and selling scanners capable of receiving wireless bands.

What is telephone used for?

telephone is for people to call

When was Telephone Call From Istanbul created?

Telephone Call From Istanbul was created in 1987.

What you call telephone in Hindi?

We call telephone chalta phirta door bash in Hindi

What do you call a telephone in Hindi?

doorbhaash is Hindi for telephone

How do you call your friends?

we call our friends by telephone

What is the Amazon's telephone number?

Amazon does not have a telephone number that you can call. If you need help, they will email you. In your email, you can leave your telephone number and they will call you.

What do you call a person who does telephone surveys?

You don't call them: they call you!

What to call telephone in Hindi?

Telephone is called doorbhash in hindi.

You want to call nick Jones?

no. know one can not call nick Jones

What do you call the person receiving the telephone call?

A person receiving a telephone call is a "callee".

What does to-call as in telephone call mean in spanish?


What are the release dates for The Telephone Call - 1909?

The Telephone Call - 1909 was released on: USA: 14 October 1909

How do you call people from norway?

With a telephone!

How do you call people from Poland?

By telephone

What is fielding telephone call?


What is meaning of phrase 'take a call'?

To receive a telephone call.

How can you transfer your telephone call to another phone?

Call forwarding

In what year was the first telephone call made?

The first telephone call was made in 1876. The call was from Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant who was named Thomas.

What is a wrong number?

A wrong number is a number misdialled by a person during a telephone call - or a telephone call from an unfamiliar caller.

What are the job responsibilities of a Telephone Operator?

to make sure that the telephone call anwered