Where can you locate the 1975 recording of 'The March of Atlanta' by John Chagy?

A search for recordings by John Chagy was unsuccessful. According to the Blog Something Shiny (http://www.andyard.com/2004/08/john-chagy-march-of-atlanta.html) the song The March of Atlanta was distributed by The Atlanta Constitution in the mid-1970s, most probably as a floppy vinyl or flexi-disc, a phonograph record made of a thin vinyl sheet with a molded-in spiral stylus groove, and is designed to be playable on a normal phonograph turntable (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flexi_disc). The chances of one surviving are fairly poor, however someone, somewhere may have a copy. You may wish to try contacting The Atlanta Constitution, now The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, at these numbers or e-mail: Research, Stacks Information Services - 404-526-5668 or 1-800-756-4197, stacks.com