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Go to JDMONLINEMANUALS.COM to download the car manual pdf for 1998 Honda Civic Ex.

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โˆ™ 2011-07-04 16:10:42
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Q: Where can you look for the owners manual of a Honda Civic 98 ex?
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What is the audio code for civic?

The radio code is different for each and every Honda vehicle. Look in the owners manual, glove box, and console for the 5 digit code. If you cannot find it then go to the Honda Owners web site and register your Civic. You can then get the code for free. Click the link.

Where can you find a code for radio 2007 Honda Civic?

Look in your owners manual as the previous owner may have written the 5 digit code down. Look in the sides of the glove box as it may be there. If you cannot find it go to the Honda Owners web site and register your Civic. You can then get the radio code for free. Click the link.

What is the maintenance schedule for a 2004 Honda Civic?

look in your manual. added by another user: I think if he had a manual, he would have checked it. Dipsh*t.

What does a chain look like for a 2008 Honda Civic?

what does a timing chain look like for a honda civic 2008

How to clean a carburetor for a xr100 Honda?

Step 1: Search for Owners Manual Step 2: Open Owners Manual to "Index" Step 3: Look for "Engine Servicing" STep 4: Follow instructions in the "Owners Manual" To Clea a carb

Where can you find a diagram to the fuse box located under the dash of a 1999 Honda Civic DX automatic if the cover is gone?

You could look it up in your owners manual or go to the dealer ship. They could print one out for you.

How do i know which fuse is for a 1995 Honda Civic Del Sol if the fuse cover is missing?

look for a diagram online or get a haynes manual.

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a Honda civic hybrid need?

Look in your owner's manual. It has some great information on your vehicle.

Where can you get a 1997 Honda Civic fuse diagram?

I got mine from a local Honda dealer with the door it goes on for about $10.00 You can also look in the owners manual.... I have a 97 Civic and was searching for the same information a few weeks ago. I came across this post....hope it helps

Does 2006 Honda civic has a timing chain or timing belt?

Unless Honda has made a change it has a belt. Open you owner's manual and look in the scheduled maintence section. There you will find your answer.

Belt diagram for Honda Civic?

Look under the hood...

Where is blinker fuse?

Look in your owners manual.

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