Where can you meet cm punk?

At autograph sessions, meet and greets, or you can go to the hotel where the superstars are staying in. You can wait until the show is over, and with luck you'll meet him, but due to the lack of time, he will probably just give you his autograoh (If he has time, I'm sure he will take a picture with you). He is an amazing boy, he was very nice to me when I met him. He gave me his autograph and he took a picture with me, I talked to him for a little while, I was very nervous, I could hardly speak!. I went to the hotel (: there were lots of fans there, but he tried to attend us all In my personal opinion, the hotel is the best choice (unless you have a meet and greet pass or if there's an autograph session...). Now, my next target is Jeff Hardy. Still, Punk is my other fav wrestler Good Luck! Samantha.