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I have answers to your questions. The Bateman school was in the old McCormick mansion, built by Cyrus McCormick Jr., located at Burton & Astor Streets in Chicago. I believe the building has been converted to a condominium now. I have a 1963 yearbook as that is the year I graduated. Clay Stubbins, I have no idea, but I do know that I have been looking for information about the Mansion that was converted to a private school in the 1960's and 70s. I have a year book from 1970 (I was in Mr. Kehoe's second grade class). Do you have any info about my old school? Thanks! Victoria Linne Poulsen I am not sure where but I beleieve the publsher was Josten's Let me know what you find out...I am alumni also (1973) Wade Travers

You can find most of the yearbook for 1963 at our website for the school for that time period.

I was a teacher at Bateman from 1968-1970 and can be contacted at or by calling our store at 510-540-1182 noon-7PM daily

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Q: Where can you obtain a 1963 Bateman Private School yearbook?
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