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And the problem begins. Do you have the right tools for removing the valve parts? Some valves require specialty tools. Another problem is how do you seat the "spider" gasket. Most glues, caulking compounds do not hold. It may be less expensive -- cost effective -- in time and frustration to replace the entire valve. Even the manufacturer will balk at revealing the glue that they use. Also will you be able to get the gasket seat clean or dry enough?

A pool store may be able to special order the spider gasket. Expect to wait a while.


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Q: Where can you obtain a gasket or 4 position vari-flo valve for an old Hayward sand filter SP 704?
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How do you replace an oil filter gasket in a 3.8 2001 Ford Windstar?

The oil filter gasket is built into the filter itself, so just by changing the filter, you always get the new gasket.

What is an oil filter gasket?

An oil filter gasket is the rubber seal at the bottom of the oil filter that seats on the engine.

How do you change the oil filter on a 84 Porsche 944 is there an extra gasket under the filter?

Remove the old filter and make sure you remove the old gasket, there should only be 1 gasket.

What is a intake gasket?

The intake gasket is the gasket that conncects from your air filter into your intake manifold

How do you change the oil filter adapter gasket on 1993 jeep grand Cherokee 4.0?

Oil filter adapter gasket??? Do not understand the question. When you change the oil filter, the new filter has a gasket already installed. What exactly are you talking about?

Oil filter gasket?

The oil filter gasket is a rubber ring that is usually bonded to the oil filter. If the oil filter has been removed and has no gasket, then it has become stuck to the engine block. Remove the gasket from the block before installing a new oil filter with it's own new gasket. Be sure to spread a little clean engine oil on the rubber gasket before installation to help seal and prevent sticking to the block. Do not overtighten the filter, turn the filter until the gasket contacts the block and then tighten 1/4 turn more. If the gasket leaks, tighten just enough to stop the leak.

How do you place oil filter gasket 2000 expedition?

When you replace your oil filter it come with a new gasket. Just make sure when you remove / replace the old oil filter the oil gasket comes out with it.

How do you change oil filter gasket on 86 Honda accord?

The gasket comes preinstalled on the new filter. Make sure the gasket comes off when you remove the old filter. Apply a think layer of oil to the new filters gasket before installing.

Why would oil spray out of oil filtor?

Here are a few reasons for oil to spray from the filter area:The gasket from the old filter was stuck on the oil filter housing and was not removed before the new filter was installed.The new filters gasket is not seated correctly on the oil filter housing.No Oil filter gasket was installed with the new oil filter.Defective Oil Filter and/or Gasket.Oil Filter Housing came lose from the engine block or mounting surface.

How to replace gasket on oil filter base on a 1994 Mercury Cougar?

Gasket should be included with new oil filter

98 ford mustang gt --how do you change an oil filter gasket which attatches to the block between the block and the filter?

the gasket comes built in with the oil filter period! there arent any gasket except the one on the filter . find a new mechanic!

Where is the oil filter seal?

On the filter. The open end that you screw on has a gasket around the outer edge. Oil the gasket before installing.

What would make the oil come out the oil filter?

Oil coming from the oil filter area usually means that the gasket for the oil filter is not seating right. If the filter was changed recently, the old gasket could have been left on, along with the new gasket, causing a bad seal.

How do you change gasket on oil filter housing on 97 grand marquis?

Your 1997 Mercury uses a spin on cartridge filter. The gasket is built into the filter. Just apply a thin layer of oil to the new filter gasket and screw it on. Tighten 3/4 turn after it makes contact with the mounting surface. Do not over tighten. If the old gasket was left on when you removed the old filter just pull it off.

How do you replace a 2005 Lincoln ls engine oil filter adapter gasket?

To change the gasket remove the oil filter. There will be 2 bolts holding the adapter to the block, remove them push the adapter off. Clean both surfaces apply gasket seal to gasket. Put the bolts thru the holes and apply gasket to adapter. Start the bolts into engine block and tighten evenly. Put on a new oil filter making sure the filter rubber gasket has a coating of oil.

What will cause An oil leak below the oil filter on a 1988 s-10 with 2.8 v6?

Oil filter installed incorrectly as in too tight, too loose, the gasket was not oiled prior to installation, or the old filter gasket was left on. It can also be a valve cover gasket leaking and running down by the filter. Replace the oil filter and oil the gasket and tighten 3/4 turn after it makes contact with the mounting surface. If the leak persists if is not the filter.

Why does the pressure in my Hayward DE filter lose Pressure so quickly?

Have you maintained the water level in the pool? Could be a suction leak. Check the pump lid gasket for correct fit. Have you emptied the pump or skimmer baskets lately? Ken

How do you change the filter on an Aurora Oldsmobile 1995?

Use a filter wrench to loosen then spin off with hand.Make sure you put fresh oil around the new filter gasket and make sure the old gasket is on the old filter.

How do you repair an oil filter housing gasket on a pontiac G6?

Replace the gasket with a new one.

Is there a o ring between filter and motor of a 1999 suzuki kingquad?

There is a gasket. It may be an O'ring or it may be a flat gasket. You will know when you purchase a new filter.

Why is water leaking from above ground pool sand filter?

Specifically where is it leaking? At the gasket? Replace gasket.

What gasket is needed for the part that bolts to the block for the oil filter on a 350 Chevy motor?

no gasket is used

Why does oil leak out of oil filter on 1998 camaro 3.8. the oil gasket is on the filter right but when you start the car gasket seems to push out on side and oil sprays out went through several?

clean the surface that the oil filter seals to, sometimes the gasket from the old filter will stick, or there could be rust/dirt on that surface and it isn't sealing properly.

1998 dodge neon has oil leaking from passenger side of car were can this be coming from doesn' t appear to be coming from filter pan sensor or gaskets what else should we check?

camshaft position sensor gasket or head gasket both likely

What can damage an oil filter gasket?

Not applying a film of oil to the gasket before installation. Grit or dirt on the gasket or mounting surface. Over-tightening the filter. Only tighten 3/4 turn after making contact with the mounting surface.