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Q: Where can you obtain a picture schematic of a Western Field 20 Ga Model 15K from the 40s?
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Who manufactured the Western Field Model 550 and where can you obtain a manual?

i beleve mossberg did

Who manufactured of Western Field Model 59 rifle?

The Western Field Model 59/59A is one of a family of .22 rifles manufactured by Savage. Check for a schematic of the Savage 6A, 6AB and 6C for a comparison and parts numbers.

Where can you get a schematic for a Western Field Model 850?

The westernfield model 850 was made by mossberg for Montgomery wards.The mossberg model number was mossberg model 353.I would start with mossberg and go from there.

Where can you get some info on a Western field M720 30-30 lever action rifleLike a parts list and schematic?

check mossberg parts lists/ sites. many western fields are mossberg from what ive seen. i own a W.F. M72 which is a mossberg 472, also 30-30 lever.

Who made the western field model M147?

western field is/was a mossberg company

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How do you tell the age of a wards western field?

The model number of your Wards Western Field.

Who makes western field marked wesern field 410?

Mr. Bean makes western field marked wesern field 410.

Who manufactured the 149 Western Field shotgun and what was the manufacturer's model number?

I dont show that in my cross-reference. If you can send a digital picture, we can ID it for you.

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