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There are several sites on the internet that have a large variety of parts. Surf AUTO PARTS on the web.

2005-03-20 06:59:34
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What kind of transmission does the 2014 Nissan Rogue-Select have?

The 2014 Nissan Rogue-Select has a continuously variable-speed automatic.

Where is the backup light switch on a 1999 Chevy blazer ls with a automatic transmission?

On the driver's side of the transmission (range select cable is attached to it).

What gear do I use when driving uphill with an automatic transmission?

You're driving an automatic, the car should select the correct gear for you. However some automatics allow the driver to select low gears for use in slow moving traffic for example. If you feel you need more power when driving uphill then select one of the lower gears.

Cant select gears in Sunfire?

Let's start with the year of your Sunfire. That might make a difference. Then, you need to tell us if you have a manual or automatic transmission. FriPilot

Should you shift gears in an automatic transmission while driving in snow?

Hai, In A.T. We havn't necessary to shiftthe gears. According to the Load it will automatically Select the Torque.

What is epicyclic gear box automatic transmission?

Most modern North American, Japanese and many larger, high specification German cars have an automatic transmission that will select an appropriate gear ratio without any operator intervention. They primarily use hydraulics to select gears, depending on pressure exerted by fluid within the transmission assembly. Rather than using a clutch to engage the transmission, a fluid flywheel, or torque converter is placed in between the engine and transmission. It is possible for the driver to control the number of gears in use or select reverse, though precise control of which gear is in use may or may not be possible. Automatic transmissions are easy to use. In the past, automatic transmissions of this type have had a number of problems; they were complex and expensive, sometimes had reliability problems (which sometimes caused more expenses in repair), have often been less fuel-efficient than their manual counterparts (due to "slippage" in the torque converter), and their shift time was slower than a manual making them uncompetitive for racing. With the advancement of modern automatic transmissions this has changed.

Is an m4 automatic?

The M4 can select semi-automatic fire or three-round bursts. The M4A1 can be switched from semi-auto to fully automatic.

Which part of a radio enables a listener to select particular frequencies?

Auto Tuner. which select automatic frequency

How do you reset Toshiba 32BV700B?

Press SOURCE select DTV/TV select MENU select SET UP select AUTOMATIC SCAN or First Time Installation

For an always-up broadband connection select?


What happens if you try to shift into first gear on a manual or automatic transmission at highway speeds?

You'll ruin your box! On a manual box you'll probably not be able to select 1st gear - Good luck!!

WDoes Windows XP Automatic Update option allow you to select the time when a Windows update is executed?

automatic update

Is the hk g36 automatic?

Yes; as an assault rifle, the Heckler & Koch G36 has select fire capabilities, and can fire in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic modes.

What is a 5 speed manual?

A transmission that has 5 forward gears that you shift manually. You start off in first gear, then 2nd...and so on .The idea is to control the engine speed by selecting the proper gear. These are called manual transmissions. You change gears by depressing the clutch thereby diengaging the transmission from the engine. If,however, you have an automatic transmission then the transmission will "automatically" select the proper gear for you depending on the load of the engine.

How do you change the time on your lg Optimus q phone?

Enter your phones settings and select date & time. enter on that and either select automatic or unselect automatic and enter appropriate time and date/ time zone etc.

How does semi automatic transmission in a car work?

Semi automatic transmission is usually the one which is fitted into a car with manual transmission. The manual transmission requires pressing clutch to change gears or to stop. If you don't press clutch pedal and change the gear, it will do a serious damage to your gear box. In semi automatic transmission system, the clutch is very much in place, but the only difference is you don't have to do it manually. It has a motor and an electronic device that senses the speed, the gear change and brake pressure and then presses or depresses clutch automatically. Advantage of this system is you can take the pleasure of automatic transmission in a manual vehicle. The semi automatic systems however has some flaws. If need to get used to it a bit. You have keep rpm pretty high in this system. Taking a start motion in first gear could be a problem. If rpm is on a bit lower side, you clearly feel the lag while driving. It is a system best suited to physically challenged drivers who have problem using one of the feet. Of course, the better alternative is fully automatic transmission that does away with the clutch altogether. But is far more expensive and is available only in select models.

What is transmission liquid in a car do?

Transmission fluid acts differently in manual and automatic transmissions. In a manual transmission it lubricates the gears and thrust bearings. Generally older manual transmission use a heavier weight lubricant ( 75 to 90 weight ) and some require non hypoid or GL 1 - GL3 oil so as not to destroy any yellow metals. Newer manual transmissions use GL 4 and GL 5 oils and may require multiple viscosity fluid. Automatic transmission fluid lubricates parts and also acts as hydraulic fluid. There are different grades and ratings usually signified as ATF and/or Dextron. Use your repair or owners manual to select the appropriate type of fluid. Using the wrong type can cause severe and costly damage to your transmission. Check your fluid level in your automatic transmission often. If your transmission is a manual, replace the fluid according to the maintenance schedule in your manual religiously.

Can an M16 really shoot triple fire?

Yes, it is a select fire weapon.( semi-automatic, three-round burst and full-automatic fire. )

What is the availability of manual transmission in a 2011 Grand Cherokee?

There is no option of manual transmission with the 2011 Grand Cherokee. The transmissions offered are: the 5-speed W5A580 transmission, and the multi-speed 545RFE overdrive transmission. The maximum extent of manual control over the transmission is ERS (Electronic Range Select) to select the top gear range for both transmissions.

Why would a automatic transmission not hold back going down hill?

because the auto trans will automaticly move to the next gear to compensate for the speed increase. If you really want to slow down going down a hill in an automatic without using the brakes you need to select a different gear, ie:third, second, first, low etc. get it?

What are the pros and cons of automatic transmission?

Automatic transmissions use a fluid to transfer power to the drive train, not quite as positive a power transfer as a standard transmission, most automatic transmissions don't have as many gear selections to select optimum engine rpm ranges for certain tasks, they don't automatically disengage when coming to a stop, therefore causing more wear on the braking system, and they are heavier , causing higher fuel consumption. However they are easier to operate , in stop and go traffic, for beginners learning to drive , and for people with physical limitations.

For and always up broadband connection such as cable modem or dsl select when you configure updates?


How do you turn on automatic updates for Windows XP?

Press Start -> right click "My Computer" -> Properties -> Automatic updates -> select Automatic and choose a time suitable for you. Press OK.Your computer will now automatically receive and apply new updates from Microsoft, fixing new security problems and holes.Easier Method -> sysdm.cpl -> Automaric Updates -> select Automatic and choose a time suitable for you. Press OK

What is the age of this 12 gauge acier special browning semi automatic serial number 295643?

Go to, select customer service, select date your firearm.

When do you switch to high or low in a 18 speed transmission in neutral or preselect.?

pre select