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You want to talk with a Commercial Lines Property & Casualty broker.

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Q: Where can you purchase Homeowner Association Directors and Officers insurance and general liability and property Insurance?
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What are some homeowner insurance companies?

There are many homeowner insurance companies that are found online. For example, homeowner insurance companies found online are the AAA and Progressive.

How do I know if I have Mortgage insurance?

i have mortgage and homeowner insurance and fidc risk insurance

Does homeowner's insurance cover engine failure?

No, homeowner's insurance only overs damages on the house.

How does someone get home insurance?

Homeowner's insurance can be purchased by contacting insurance agents via phone or online. Most auto insurance companies carry homeowner's insurance and allows a discount for multi policy.

Who is liable for a fall sustained in a parking lot of a condo?

It's possible that the condominium association carries liability insurance. You can make your claim with the board of directors of the association, who will take it up with their insurance carrier.

Where can I learn about homeowner insurance leads? is an internet service that provides real time data bases of homeowners insurance. Homeowner insurance leads are a connection for homeowners insurance, they will help you find the insurance that fits you and your home

What do Homeowner's Insurance mean?

Homeowners Insurance means insurance covering a home that the owner lives in.

What is the cost of homeowners insurance in Colorado?

Homeowner's insurance costs can vary greatly in Colorado depending on the provider. In general however, Colorado homeowner's insurance costs about $900.

Does homeowner's insurance cover ponzi scheme?

No, Homeowners Insurance is Property Coverage, not financial or Investment Insurance.

Should homeowner associations have automatic pool covers for safety?

The association's directors are responsible for limiting the association's liability, especially as amenities expose them to accidents. Your pool committee/ landscape committee/ insurance committee is best prepared to discuss this issue and recommend a resolution to the board.

Is a porch and deck covered under homeowner insurance or Flood insurance?


Is the homeowner insurance paying for resurfacing the pool?

No. This is maintenance. Insurance is not responsible for maintenance.

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