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B-Square made rings that clip to the scope rail.

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Q: Where can you purchase a detachable scope mount for a Baikal 12 gauge and .223 combination gun?
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What is a baikal 16 gauge value?

10-250 usd

What is the value of a 28 gauge Baikal Shotgun?

100-250 USD

Does Baikal firearms make a four-gauge almost one inch shotgun commercially?

No. The biggest they make is 12 gauge.

What is the value of a baikal 3in 90mp 12 gauge shotgun?

50-300 usd

Does Baikal sell a 32 gauge side by side shotgun?

they dont make a 32 gauage Don't know if Baikal makes one, but 32 gauge shotguns are available in Europe according to Cartridges of the World. No US company has loaded these shells for at least 60 years.

What calibre is the baikal over and under?

It comes in two gauges, 20.gauge and 12 gauge Was Russian gun, now gun rights bought and owned by Remington. Now sells under Remington as Remington Spartan. Still sold under Baikal name.

What is the overall length of a baikal 12 gauge over under shotgun?

It usually is 43.5 inches for the overall length.

Where can you get a forearm for a 12 gauge Baikal IZH 27 E Mic overunder shotgun?

Try the old import at

What is a baikal 12 gauge crack barrel shotgun worth?

498.00 US from the factory, then down in price as they change hands.

What is the value of an over under baikal 20 gauge shot gun serial number izh27em1c?

75-225 USD

Where do you locate a rain gauge?

You can purchase a rain gauge online. You can also purchase a rain gauge at most local home improvement stores or hardware stores near you.

What is the value of a Baikal 12 gauge single shot gun made in USSR serial number 1829200390 6?

About $100 to $200

What is the value of a Baikal izh-43k side by side classic 12 gauge coach hunting shotgun?

50-400 usd

What is the Baikal OU 12 gauge vented rib size?

Differs some from model to model, but most are 10mm wide.

Can you shoot steel shot in 20 gauge Baikal side by side with screw in choke tubes?

Only with cylinder and improved cylinder choke tubes.

What is the age and value of a Baikal 12 gauge over and under shotgun in new condition marked 27E Made in USSR serial number 8948954?


What is a Baikal IZH-81KM?

A 12 gauge pump action shotgun made by Izhevsky Mechanichesky Zavod, Izhevsk, Russia, imported to the USA in 1999 and 2000.

What does a Baikal IZH-81KM single barrel 12 gauge cost?

About $650 depending on condition. I just picked one up yesterday, they're wonderful.

What vehicles come with a digital car gauge?

Vehicles do not come with a digital car gauge. You have the option to install a gauge in your car at the time purchase.

How much is a used bailkal model mp135 worth?

Remington Arms bought out Baikal firearms. A new Baikal model MP153 12 gauge shotgun can be purchased for $489.99 at Southern Trading Company and Pawn located in Bainbridge, Georgia (Contact Edwin McCullers at 229-248-0024).

What is the value of a remington baikal russia 20 gauge shotgun srp 100 mint condition?

I purchased a new one about 2 years ago at Walmart for $117.00.

You just bought a baikal side by side 12 gauge in great shape for 250 did you get a good deal?

Baikal firearms are imported by Remington Arms Co. The plaform is solid and it's design is simple. As far as a defense gun i give it a 3 out of 5. In regards to a hunting gauge....Only if you can hit it in 2 or less. All in all, you got a fair deal. New ones are bewen $280 - $350.

Where can one purchase 12 gauge speaker wire?

One can purchase 12 gauge speaker wire online at websites such as Sonic Electronix, Newegg, and Sewell Direct. One can also purchase them online on Amazon and eBay.

Need to know where to find replacement barrel for Baikal over and under shotgun 410 gauge and if this barrels will fit a spr 310 Russian made Remington 410 gauge shotgun?

SORRY, you will never find any because there are none available !

How much is a baikal izh 43 side byside 12 gauge worth?

according to the newest gun blue book, book. they range from about $80-500 depending on the model.

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