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The first place to check would be at a local gunshop. If that fails, try Numrich Gunparts

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Q: Where can you purchase a magazine for a Steven 20 gauge model 258A shotgun?
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What is the Magazine capacity of a sears m300 12 gauge shotgun?

The magazine holds two shells.

Can you purchase a 22 gauge shotgun?

If you can find one, yes.

Where can I purchase a Sears Model 101.5380 12 gauge Magazine?

Your shotgun was made for Sears by Savage, and is their Model 18 Shotgun. Magazines are available from gunpartscorp through their website. The part number is122990B, and the cost is $32.75 plus shipping

Where can you get a magazine clip for a 20 gauge Glenfield mod 50 shotgun? has themNo they do not.

Where can you find parts for a Ranger Model 30 16 gauge shotgun?

You can purchase parts for a Ranger model 30 16 gauge shotgun at these locations. Gunbroker, Topgunsupply, Budsgunshop, Gunpartshop and Midwayusa.

Where can you find a clip for a kessler model 128fr shotgun?


Who made Western field M149 20 gauge shotgun?

Where can I buy a magazine for a western field M149 bolt action

Where can I purchase a 22 gauge shotgun?

Pretty much a custom proposition. Do a google search on custom shotgun makers and start making phone calls.

What is the value of a 16 gauge Steven Model 311D shotgun?

I payed $400 for mine so I would use that as a starting point.

How many does the magazine of a J.c. Higgins 16 gauge bolt action shotgun 583-1100 hold?


Looking to buy a magazine clip for J Stevens Arms Company 20 gauge shotgun 238A.?

numrich gun parts

Is The M500A1 shotgun is a 12-gauge caliber shotgun?

Yes. The Mossberg 500A1 is a .12 gauge shotgun.

What is the browning a bolt 12 gauge shotgun?

A bolt action shotgun in 12 gauge.

Is a 12 gauge shotgun a firearm?

Yes, a 12 gauge shotgun is considered a firearm.

Where can you find a clip for a Gamester 349 16 gauge shotgun?

I have no idea, but I also have a 16 gauge bolt action shotgun that needs a clip so if you find a place to look please let me know. The H&R Gamester boltaction shotgun never used a clip. It is a tubular fed 3-shot shotgun made in 12 and 16 gauges. I have one (model 348) which is the same as the model 349 Gamester minus the adjustable choke. Numrich Arms has most parts for this shotgun. You can purchase the magazine parts you need to make it a repeater.

Is 80 gauge or 100 gauge thicker?

There is no such shotgun gauge.

Where can you purchase a 20 gauge Ithaca side by side shotgun?

Not currently produced. Start with your local gun shop.

What is the value of eaa 410 gauge shotgun?

What is the value oof a .410 gauge shotgun

What kind of ammo does a 16 gauge shotgun take?

Standard 16 gauge shotgun shells.

Where can you get a pistol grip for a Stevens model 67 series e 12 gauge shotgun?

You can purchase the pistol grip for a Stevens model 67 series E 12 gauge shotgun at most gun stores and at most gun shows. You can also purchase this type of accessory at hunting supply stores.

What is 20 gauge shotgun?

It is a shotgun with 20 gauges.

Can a 12 gauge shotgun shoot 20 gauge ammo?

No, you can not shoot anything but 12 gauge shotgun shells through a 12 gauge shotgun. Never use any ammunition other than what the firearm was designed for.

Which is stronger between a 12 gauge and a 20 gauge shotgun?

The gauge of a shotgun is directly related to the size of the barrell. In the cases of shotguns the sizes going from biggest to smallest for 'standard' (not all) shotguns is. 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 16, gauge, 20 gauge, and a .410 bore shotgun (410 is not a gauge but a caliber)

How far can you shoot a 12 gauge shotgun?

a 12 gauge shotgun can shoot about 30 yards accuracy

Is a 20 gauge shotgun with KK on the side worth anything?

what is 20 gauge shotgun with kk worth