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Check on line for Chick Hatcheries, many also offer hatching eggs besides chicks.


If you know what breed of poultry you want to raise do a search for breeders of that particular breed of bird.

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What do the eggs get fertilized by?

Animal eggs are fertilized by sperm.

What animal has Sperm and eggs outside the body?

animals which eggs fertilized outside the mothers womb

How can you obtain fertilized and unfertilized eggs?

If it is chicken eggs you are talking about you will find that the eggs that are for sale at the market are not fertilised. If you want fertilised eggs you will have to get them from some one or a farmer that supplies eggs for chicks.You can purchase hatching eggs FERTILIZED from many hatcherys across the usa

What do fertilized eggs have to do with periods?

If you have fertilized eggs you will not have periods, you are pregnant! not much

Do fertilized eggs have cholesterol?

Both fertilized and unfertilized eggs have cholesterol.

Are the eggs laid by birds always fertilized?

No , all eggs are not fertilized .

Are the chickens eggs fertilized internally or externally?

yes the eggs are fertilized internally

Where can you get fertilized eggs?

Ebay has fertilized eggs as does the buy,sell and trade forum on Some hatcheries sell fertilized eggs but at a higher price.

How is the number of eggs an animal produces related to its form of fertilization and development?

The number of eggs an animal produces is related its form of fertilization and development because the more eggs there are, the more likely it is for one to be fertilized.

External fertilization in animals?

When an animal lays one or more eggs and they are fertilized outside the body.

Are eggs you buy fertilized?

No, if the eggs were fertilized there would be a baby chicken fetus in the egg.

Are the eggs obtained from stores fertilized or unfertilized?

Eggs from stores are almost always unfertilized.

Does the egg carton show you if fertilized?

Store bought eggs are never fertilized. If you are looking for fertilized eggs you need to go to a local farm or buy eggs from a hatchery.

What kind of a animal is the male gets pregnant?

The seas horse male carries the fertilized eggs with in his body.

Do birds eggs have to be fertilized to make chicks?

hens and ducks obviously lay eggs that have not been fertilized, as well as eggs that have. the eggs that have been fertilized will eventually become chicks. from the best of my knowledge, other birds do not lay eggs unless they have been fertilized through sexual reproduction. so yes, bird's eggs must be fertilized before they will become chicks.

Are shark eggs fertilized internally or externally?

Many types of sharks have their eggs fertilized internally while others have theirs fertilized externally

Can you eat fertilized duck eggs?

You can eat fertilized duck eggs, just like you can eat fertilized chicken eggs. If you do, you risk finding a partially developed duck inside, but they are not harmful.

How can fertilized and unfertilized eggs obtained?

Fertilized eggs happen when you have a rooster present. Hens will lay without a rooster, but the eggs are unfertilized.

Can a guinea lay eggs if they're not fertilized?

Yes a guinea can lay eggs without them being fertilized.

Are chicken eggs fertilized internally or externally?

Internally Fertilized

Are reptiles eggs fertilized externally or fertilized internally?


What eggs do you need for a Incubator?

use fertilized eggs

Are the eggs in the stores fertilized or unfertilized eggs?


Are eggs fertilized?

Yes, they are.

When females are fertilized?

They can get their eggs fertilized after the age of 13.The fertilization process also require a male sperm to fuse with.One can mate with a male to have eggs fertilized.

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