Where can you purchase four-cycle oil?

Anywhere. 4 cycle oil is regular automobile oil. An automobile engine is a 4 cycle engine.


If you are talking about one of the new 4 stroke power equipment types like a hedge trimmer it uses regular 2 cycle oil. Read the owners manual


four stroke oil is ordinary engine oil, buy it anywhere.i have never heard of a 4 stroke needing 2 stroke engine oil 4stroke oil goes in engine for lubericant2 stroke oil is mixed in gas and goes into engine thru carb


2 cycle oil normally goes in the gas. It is used in many outboard marine engines, lawnmowers, chainsaws, etc. You know, the engines you hear high pitch and see a whitish smoke from a lot. You never change it, it burns in use.

4 cycle, the most common oil, is held in a separate container or pan for the engine and circulates as it runs. It shouldn't burn 9much) and does need to be changed, along with the filter for it. This can be done by someone else for you, even supplying all the parts, on a car for about $15 total at Wal Mart or Jiffy Lube.

A quart of many 4 cycl oil brands can be had for about $1.

I am unaware of any engine that would use both types of oil.