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Check with your local gunsmith. No one would be making new parts, but lots of the old double and single barrel shotguns were similar and he might have something laying around that he can make fit.

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Q: Where can you purchase parts for Neumann Bros shotguns?
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Neumann Freres was in business in Liege, Belgium from 1863 until 1957. Thousands of their double-barrel shotguns were imported to the US (marked with English "Bros." instead of French "Freres") prior to WWI. Value to a shooter = $0, to a collector = $200 (but only if in as-new condition), to a decorator for a mantlepiece = $125-$150.

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Another Belgian shotgun. Neumann Bros were in business into the 20th century, although a gun that year of manufacture is doubtful. Value is going to be minimal, and the gun should be looked over by a gunsmith to ascertain exactly what you have.

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