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Utica Firearms was a trade name used by the Simmons Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri on firearms they retailed circa 1900. It could have been manufactured by any of a dozen makers. Like any other 100-year-old tool or machine, parts are where you find them. You may be able to get parts that fit (or can be made to fit) from a local gunsmith or at a gunshow, but no one will have a catalog number for "Utica firing pins".

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Q: Where can you purchase parts for an Utica double barrel shotguns?
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Where can you find information about Utica Firearms Company double barrel hammerless shotgun serial 8780?

Check out,they got Lots of info on dbl barrel shotguns.

How much is a Utica 12 gauge double barrel hammerless in good condition worth?

What are the exact markings on the shotgun? 3000 s30 42427 utica special

What is the age of a 12 gauge Utica Firearms Company double barrel shotgun serial 34592?


Value of Utica Firearm 16 G double barrel?

Probably no more than 100 USD depending on condition.

How much is your utica firearms rabbit eared double barrel serial number 34425 worth?

100 USD or so

What is the age of a utica firearm double barrel side by side 12 gauge double trigger double hammers sold by simmons hardware company?

turn of the century to about the mid-30's

Where can i buy parts for utica shotguns?

You can't... you will have to make them yourself or have a machine shop make the parts

What is a double barrel shotgun worth made by utica firearms with fine damascus on top of barrels also has simmons hardware co. on bottom?

50-100 USD or so

Where can you get a trigger guard for a 12 gauge Utica double barrel with side hammers?

Go to Numrich arms. they have a web site. search for you part. I just checked(1/3/11) and they have 1

Who is the manufacturer of a 12 gauge shotgun marked Utica firearms serial number 59651 A cap on the pistol grip is marked Simmons Hardware Company?

The bible for info. on older shotguns made by other than the big name manufactures is the "Golder Age Of Shotguning" by Bob Hinman. In the index of this book he lists literally hunderds of old brand name shotguns along with some info on the co. Unfortunatly all he has to say about a co. called the Utica Firearms Co. is "Hammer double-barrel. Nothing further known." He must have put an extreme amount of research into this obscure list of manufactures (and this was 30 to 40 years ago) and to have come up with "nothing further known" is not very incouraging. My guess is that this Utica Firearms Co. is the manufacture of your shotgun.

Where can you find information about a Utica Fire Arms double barrel side by side with ornate curved external hammers that says Taper Twist on the top of the barrel?

Guns marked "Utica Fire Arms Co. Pat. Nov 25,'09, March 29,'97" were made by Hopkins and Allen Mfg Co, 1868-1898. If your gun does not have these patent dates, it was probably made in Belgium, c. 1880-1914.

How can you find out how old a Utica 12 gauge double barrel is with serial numbers 35745 and how much it is worth?

If it is marked "Utica Arms Co.", compare it to a Crescent Model 6 (1903-1930) or a J. Stevens Arms Co early Model 311 (after 1920). The Stevens might even be marked "5000", "5100" or "311" on the receiver. If marked "Utica Firearms Co." or "Utica Special" it should be the Crescent Model 6. Those marked "Utica Firearms Co. London Fluid Steel" are also by Crescent, but should have outside hammers and could date back to 1892, but probably made no later than 1914. With the mark "Utica Fire Arms Co. Pat. Nov. 25, '90, March 29, '97" it was made by Hopkins & Allen Mfg Co. (1868-1898, but the patent date would indicate these guns were made in 1897 and 1898) I'm not sure if these were single or double barrel guns. All were made for Simmons Hardware 1875-1940

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How old is your savage 16 gauge model 220 single shot manufactured in Utica NY?

The value of these single shot shotguns is ranging between 45-130 dollars.

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What is the value of a 16 gauge double barrel shotgun marked Utica Firearms Company no 34746 manufactured in 1897 and has Stubbs Fine Twist barrels Does anyone have any info on this shotgun?

try call of duty world at war or any call of duty

What are facts about Utica Firearms Co shotguns?

Utica Firearms Company guns were manufactured by Crescent Arms, Norwich, Ct, for the Simmons Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri c. 1900-1920. If functional, it should be worth about $150. If not useable, but looks good over the fireplace, it is worth about the same as a decorator.

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