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Most vendors of said PDA sell their own programs online. Also they may have an approved list of third party vendors who make programs compatible with their equipment. Such company is Palm, whose PDA I have.

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Q: Where can you purchase software for a PDA?
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Where can one purchase PDA accessories?

There is a website dedicated to this called Pda Accessories. You can also purchase these PDA accessories on Ebay or at Amazon. You can also purchase them at a local electronics store.

Where can someone purchase a case for their PDA?

A person can purchase a case for their PDA on the Internet. Amazon is best site you can go on to purchase a case. Amazon has the best prices and a variety of cases for your PDA.

Do PDA's come with voice recognition software?

Yes, though not all PDA's come with voice recognition software, some do.

Does the Palm Pre make a good PDA, owing to Palm's extensive history in PDA hardware and software?

The Palm Pre makes a great PDA, and, as mentioned, their long history of PDA software and hardware has given them plenty of experience in this field.

What kind of medical software can I get for my PDA?

CollectiveMed makes a variety of medical and nursing software for PDA, Iphone, and Blackberry. Check out their catalogue online!

Is PDA is an example of portable computer?

PDA is a software of computer which helps in the connection of internet from a mobile to a desktop......

How is data entered into a PDA?

Memory Card, connect to PC by cable, using keypad software PDA

Do I need extra software to link my cell hpone to my PDA?

Yes, other software will be required to hook at cell phone to a PDA but this soft ware is easily found on the internet. (Check with your PDA provider for the download.)

Where could one purchase an iPod PDA?

One can purchase an iPod PDA on many websites online. Amazon sells many of these devices on their website. The average cost for one of these PDA's is $200.

What's the best pda for installing medical software?

The Apple iPhone is an ideal PDA for medical software. There are numerous medical apps designed specifically for the iPhone

Where can one purchase an electronic pda?

Staples, eBay, Amazon, and Best Buy are some businesses that sell electronic PDA's. Target's website, and store, is another way in which someone could purchase a electronic PDA.

What kind of software does a PDA have?

There are hundreds of software packages for PDA. The most common operating systems for PDA's are Palm OS or Windows CE/Windows Mobile. There are many tools, games and other applications for each type of operating system.

Where can one purchase a Windows mobile PDA?

Windows Mobile PDA's are not as widely available as they once were. Most of the resources available to purchase a Windows Mobile PDA will be online. The devices can still be purchased from such retailers as Amazon and eBay.

What company offers the most reliable medical software for PDA's?

You can find medical software for PDA's a Another great site is

Do they make PDA's that will follow voice instructions while you're driving?

Microsoft makes voice control software for any PDA,but many of the latest PDA's have voice recognition.

Where can one purchase a PDA battery?

A PDA battery is a special type of battery for smartphones. You can purchase them from any electronics store such as Best Buy, Future Shop and Battery Mart.

What are some good stores to purchase a Panasonic PDA from?

There are many good stores to purchase a Panasonic PDA. One could either go directly to Panasonic's website. Other places would be Best Buy, One could also purchase a Panasonic PDA from eBay or Amazon as well.

Where can one purchase a Sprint PDA?

PDA is often used to stand for Public Display of Affection. However, when talking about electronics, PDA refers to Personal Digital Assistant. A Sprint PDA is purchasable at one's local Sprint store.

Where can one purchase parts for a Palm PDA?

Parts for a Palm PDA are available online, or at local electronic stores like Radio Shack.

Is there any pda medical software that is available free online?

There are a lot of places to find free PDA medical software online. The first place I would try is EPOCRATES. They seem to have a lot of software. Just be sure to research before you download anything.

Where can one purchase a PDA GPS?

One can purchase a PDA GPS from online retailers such as Amazon, or the alternative would be to go to a brick and mortar store such as Best Buy. If one wants to save money, they could check for used PDA's in the sell section of their local newspaper.

Where can one purchase a PDA Organizer?

One can purchase a PDA organizer online at Amazon, eBay or at some office supply store such as Office Depot. The retailer Best Buy also has this item in store.

Where can one purchase a PDA cell phone?

PDA cell phones can be purchased from many different stores and retailers. Some examples of stores that sell PDA cell phones include Wirefly and Cellular Country.

Do any PDAs have custome covers available?

Almost all PDA's have custom covers available. The iPod, if you consider it a PDA, has a huge variety of covers for purchase.

What are some examples of phones that come with a PDA?

Some examples of phones that come with a PDA are the Blackberry 9700 Bold and the HTC HD2 T8585. The Apple iPhone also comes with a PDA. You can purchase these phones from retailers such as Amazon.