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Where can you purchase software for a PDA?

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Most vendors of said PDA sell their own programs online. Also they may have an approved list of third party vendors who make programs compatible with their equipment. Such company is Palm, whose PDA I have.

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The Palm Pre makes a great PDA, and, as mentioned, their long history of PDA software and hardware has given them plenty of experience in this field.

CollectiveMed makes a variety of medical and nursing software for PDA, Iphone, and Blackberry. Check out their catalogue online!

Yes, other software will be required to hook at cell phone to a PDA but this soft ware is easily found on the internet. (Check with your PDA provider for the download.)

Memory Card, connect to PC by cable, using keypad software PDA

PDA is a software of computer which helps in the connection of internet from a mobile to a desktop......

The Apple iPhone is an ideal PDA for medical software. There are numerous medical apps designed specifically for the iPhone

There are a lot of places to find free PDA medical software online. The first place I would try is EPOCRATES. They seem to have a lot of software. Just be sure to research before you download anything.

One can purchase an iPod PDA on many websites online. Amazon sells many of these devices on their website. The average cost for one of these PDA's is $200.

PDA cell phones can be purchased from many different stores and retailers. Some examples of stores that sell PDA cell phones include Wirefly and Cellular Country.

Verizon no longer offers a free PDA with any purchase as they have in the past. Before, one could buy a phone package or other contract and receive a free PDA, but that is no loner the case.

There are hundreds of software packages for PDA. The most common operating systems for PDA's are Palm OS or Windows CE/Windows Mobile. There are many tools, games and other applications for each type of operating system.

Windows Mobile PDA's are not as widely available as they once were. Most of the resources available to purchase a Windows Mobile PDA will be online. The devices can still be purchased from such retailers as Amazon and eBay.

One can purchase a Blackberry PDA from local electronics stores like Best Buy. Other retailers like Walmart and Amazon also carry this product at a very reasonable price.

There are multiple places one can purchase Verizon PDA cell phones. One has to decide for oneself what type is the best. The official website is a good place to start looking.

PDA phones have many advantages. First, they have better web browsing capabilities than feature phones. They also usually have larger screens. In addition, PDA phones often have QWERTY keyboards, so sending emails or just entering text in general will be easier. Finally, they have increased software capabilities (i.e. you can install more software on it, and software for PDA phones are usually more like those you would find on a computer).Then there use to have calls to collect.

While the Palm Pixi does not provide standard PDA productivity software, a number of applications are available that can be used much like a PDA. Users can utilize calendar and email applications to stay organized while on the go. has brilliant photography software such as Photoshop and Lightroom. This software is available for purchase on their website.

You'll need the correct software as supplied by the PDA manufacturer.

User purchase quality software when user go to market to purchase software.

PDA Phone has Windows Mobile or Palm OS. PC's have Microsoft XP. Use Sync software to transfer files from PC to PDA via Sync cable(s). Note that a PDA compatible application or data format supported on the handheld must be used & downloaded via software to view on your device. Check CPU and OS type then download from Twocows or use Trial copy E

Yes, you can purchase software online in the world wide web. Depending on the software you are trying to purchase you would have the option to receive your software in the mail, or to simply download it.

One can purchase plumbing software at a variety of different retailers. One can purchase plumbing software online at websites such as FieldAware and Skeds.

A PDA is not a phone. A smarthone is a phone with PDA functionality or a PDA with phone functionality.

Debit software purchase accountCredit cash / bank

You can purchase the Microsoft Publisher software from the official Microsoft store online. You can also purchase the software from the Amazon website and download it directly from them.

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