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Where can you purchase supplemental insurance to assist your current plan?


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AFLAC, Conseco, and Allstate provide supplemental medical insurance. There may be more. I do know that AFLAC and Allstate make their plans available to individuals (versus work groups) Look in your phone book under AFLAC or Allstate to find local agencies.

There are several sources of supplemental insurance. Call a few local health care agents and they can provide with a whole host of options. While AFLAC is probably the best known some of the small companies actually offer more interesting and/or competitively priced products.

Two that I like: A combination plan that includes dental, vision, Rx, $7500 accident supplemental, $10,000 AD&D and more for only $69/month for the family. A great value since it is less than a stand-alone dental plan here in CA. I really like the accident plan since it reduces my total exposure under my health plan to $100 in the event of an accident.

A stand-alone accident plan that pays up to $5000 per person per year limited to whatever your primary carrier does not pay. Consequently it will pay deductible, co-pays, max out-of-pocket and extra expenses that your insurance does not cover as the result of an accident.

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