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There are many lenders including FHA that you can do a refinance through after or even during a chapter 13. With FHA from the time the chapter 13 is intituted the owner of the property must make on time payments for one year. During the chapter 13 the new loan amount must equal the present payment. As for your mothers debt if the home is liened they must be payed off at closing unless you can go to court and prove the creditors had no right to lien the property. A very expensive and time consuming proposition.

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Mother passed away left you house House is now in your name Equity still in mothers name but you are paying Unable to refinance to get equity paid cuz of housing market cannot claim mortgae interes?

Speak to your attorney. They will be able to complete paperwork to allow the courts to have the property changed to your name. Your mortgage might still be in your mothers name until you are able to refinance or somehow have the mortgage company change the account info, but the house will be in your name with the county courts system.

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