Where can you regestier on Moxie Girls?

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Why did they call Moxie soda 'Moxie'?

The place Moxie Falls was so named by natives due to the strange tasting black water found there. The word Moxie therefore became associated with guts/ digestion due to the acquired taste of the water, which later inspired the creator of Moxie Soda. Answer The origin of the word Moxie is uncl ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy moxie soda in Texas?

If you want the stuff made in california, go to: www.the soda gallery.com. They are located in the Bishop Arts Disctrict in Dallas. I just go to BuyMoxie.com, their prices are reasonable but you have to pay for the shipping! -yankeebruce@hotmail.com You can buy online at buyMoxie.com

Why did they call Moxie soda 'Moxie?

Moxie was created by Dr. Augustin Thompson in 1876. He claimed thatthe Moxie Nerve Food, as it was called then, was made with a rareplant discovered by his friend, a Lieutenant Moxie.

Where can you buy Moxie in Florida?

http://www.moxie.info/flmox.htm I have purchased Moxie from the sub store listed on this site. They charge 19.99 per case of 24 cans plus shipping. The store is located in Tampa off of I-275 and Bears ave. Take a look at the link for details.

Where can you buy moxie soda?

In the state of Maine for sure. Anicetti's store in Lisbon Falls is the main Moxie center. Probably on ebay, and I heard that they sell it in central Pennsylvania. Buy Moxie online at buyMoxie.com A Maine-based small internet retailer that ships within the USA. Use 2338 promo code for 10% discount ( Full Answer )

Who is the band Moxy?

Moxy was a Canadian hard rock and heavy metal band, formed in Toronto, Ontario in 1974, from previous members of the rock group, Leigh Ashford - which included singer Douglas "Buzz" Shearman (former teen singer of Sherman & Peabody alongside Greg Godovitz of Fludd & Goddo and Gil Moore, later of Tri ( Full Answer )

Where did the saying to put a moxy on someone originate?

the full saying appears to be quite new & is still rather rare even with moxy spelled moxie whether in the sense of put a jinx or a hex on someone or in the sense of put a damper or a kibosh on something etc so like call it totally 21st century but the word moxie meaning originally nerve or cour ( Full Answer )

Where are the secret codes in moxie girlz?

You may find the secret code on the moxies Underwear. -Hello, MHC here with another edit- The secret code is the same for every doll. And is found on a little cardboard heart attached to their clothing. The code on their underwear is a product or manufacturers code or something.

What do you do on moxie girlz the website?

Well, you play games, listen to music, make your own account, meet the Moxie Girlz themsevles, enter secret online codes, and soooo much more! If you want to join the fun, resitster online at www.moxiegirlz.com. Join now!

Are the moxie girls copying brats?

No. Moxie girls are a new line from MGA Entertainment Inc, the makers of Bratz. The Bratz ownership has moved to Mattel after a long legal battle. To replace the Bratz line that they no longer have the rights to, MGA Entertainment Inc created the new line, Moxie, Girls, released on August 15, 2009. ( Full Answer )

What is the moxie girlz actual codes?

It all dependz what code you get. These are not real codez but say I got the code fxgbfb4 and my friend got sarbjiy77. There'z no actual code cuz there'z all different codez _____MHC_____ Okay, so it's possible there are different codes, but those might be the codes written on the doll's underw ( Full Answer )

Who is the designer of the Moxie Girlz?

This girl on www.stardoll.com named MoxieGirlz claims shes the designer. I wouldn't know though. Add me! I'm shannon_cheese !!! _____MHC_____ Okay, I am fairly sure the creator/designer of Moxie Girlz doesn't use stardoll. Even if they do, the designer/creator is Issac Larian.

Where can you buy moxie girlz?

You can buy Moxie Girlz at your local Target, Toys 'R Us, Walmart, and Super Stop & Shop. Buy one before they're sold out! They're really in!

Are moxie girls going to take over bratz?

I think "moxie girls" will only because the the "new thing" at the point, but sooner or later they'll die down like the bratz dolls. Answer Moxie Girlz won't take over the Bratz they'll just be more popular. But please, please don't forget about the Bratz! m

Where do you enter the code on moxie girlz?

When you get to the homepage of moxiegirlz.com, login. If you don't have an account, regitser. When you've logged in or if you've logged in after resitstering, click Moxie Bonus. Then find enter in online code. And just enter in your code! Piece of cake! :-)

Can you wash moxie girls doll hair?

I'm sure you can, but it may make their hair frizzy. Also, if you do, make sure to rinse out the shampoo and conditioner really well, or else the hair will feel chalky.

How much are moxie girls?

10 dollars at Target they also charge by how much stuff comes with them. but the ones that i bought had 1 doll, and a few accesories for $10

What is a synonym of moxie?

spunk, flair, gumption, style, enthusiasm, audacity, arrogance, impudence, insolence, nerve, cockiness, energy, zeal, lust, passion, ambition,

How many moxie girlz dolls are there?

There are 15 \n \n \n Amberly (Head Only) . \n \n \n Avery. \n \n \n Bria. \n \n \n Bryten. \n \n \n Chance (Boy) . \n \n \n Ida. \n \n \n Jaxson (Boy) . \n \n \n Jaylen. \n \n \n Kellan. \n \n \n Lexa. \n \n \n Merin. \n \n \n Monet. \n \n \n Owen (Boy) . \n \n \n Sarai. \n \n \n ( Full Answer )

Do Liv Girls colthing fit the Moxie Girls dolls?

well im think their clothes are too small for moxie/teenz because i have the moxie dolls and liv dolls and by the looks of it they are a little bit too small. ive tried it on my barbies with the regular moxie girls clothes and didnt fit at all but hopefully it will work with the teenz because it loo ( Full Answer )

What color is moxie?

Moxie is red, because red is the color one sees when they step beyond they're boundaries.

How do you straighten a moxie girls hair?

Definately NOT with a human straightener. The plates of hotness will crush and burn the dolls hair. Try rinsing the dolls hair, blowdrying on cool, and brushing while stlying accordingly.

Where can you find moxie girlz Monet?

She is becoming easier and easier to find these days as there aremore versions of her. I can't say exact stores because I can'tconfirm it, but Usually toys r' us has a pretty good stock of MoxieGirlz, so there's a chance there.

Where do you enter moxie girl codes?

1. Log In 2. Click on "Home" 3. Click on the link saying "Unlock Bonus Game Online" 4. Type the secret code in. Hope this helps..xx

How much is a moxi girl teen?

It depends on the store or if you're buying it online. It's usually around $20.00 to $30.00.

Can you get moxie girlz get wet?

Yes, you can. Many people get them wet in sinks when washing the hair, or making them swim in pools.

Are moxie girls snow toxic?

No moxie girls snow is not toxic They are not safe however Moxie snow can be fatal if inhaled or ingested by a child

Where is moxie girlz secret code?

on there under were -Hello there, Itsa me! with another edit.- The code is actually on a little cardboard heart attached to the back of their clothes. The code on their underwear is like a product code or something.

What is the name of the moxie girlz?

Lexa, Bria, Avery, and Sophina. _____MHC_____ Okay, so... The core 4 moxie girlz are Avery Lexa Sophina Bria (Was originally sasha) They created many new characters. Ida Monet Amberly Kellan Merin Bryten there are also three boys, Owen, Jaxson and Chance On th ( Full Answer )

What are the names of all the moxie teenz?

The Names Of The Moxie Teenz Characters Are: Tristen Melrose Arizona Bijou Most Human Beings Have Chose Tristen As The Prettiest Include Me. Who's Yours? Hope This Is Helpful Goodbye

Singer for moxie girlz commercial?

I'm not sure who the actual singer is, she may be one of the girlsin the early commercials, but the songwriter is Deedee o' Malley

Which states can you buy Moxie soda in?

Moxie is a carbonated beverage made in several unique flavors. It is availbe in the state of Maine where it is the official soft drink as of 2005. It is also available in Massachusetts

Who were the members of the band Moxy Fruvous?

The politically satirical folk-pop band Moxy Fruvous had four members in its 12 year run. These members were Jian Ghomeshi, Murray Foster, Mike Ford, and Dave Matheson.

What does the Moxies chain sell in Canada?

Moxies is a restaurant chain that specializes in chicken, ribs, and seafood entrees. They also have various salads, hamburgers, pastas, and sandwiches.

What is the difference between Moxies and Bratz?

Bratz tend to have big colourful make-up, small bodies and some ofthe older dolls have vintage style clothing. Moxies have more of arealistic face and body, with normal clothing and small make-up.