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Where can you see a video clip of Jerry Lewis in Hardly Working as the carpet layer?

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No...Jerry Lewis' son is Gary Lewis

Susan Minoret Lewis is Jerry Lewis' Daughter

Danny Lewis was Jerry Lewis' dad.

No. Jerry Lewis, comedian and actor is alive.

Yes Erm No Jerry Lewis is Jewish.

Jerry Lee Lewis is still alive

Jerry Lewis was born on March 16, 1926.

Jerry Lewis has an IQ of 190

Good How R U -Jerry Lee Lewis

The cast of Jerry Lewis Live - 1984 includes: Jerry Lewis as himself

Jerry Lewis is single as of 2004. He divorced Kerrie McCarver.

Jerry Lee Lewis played the piano.

Comedian Jerry Lewis was born March 16, 1926.

Jerry Lee Lewis was born on September 29, 1935.

does jerry lee Lewis have muscular dystrophy

Jerry Lewis grew up in Irvington NJ, with his grandmother Sara while his parents where on the road . (birthplace,Newark NJ)

no jerry nex to me is gay

Jerry Lewis has had only 1 wife Jerry Lewis had two wives: Patti Palmer 1944-1980 SanDee Pitnick 1983- present

Jerry Lee Lewis goes by The Killer, and The Ferriday Fireball.

no that was Actor Sean Hayes who played Jerry Lewis in that movie "Martin And Lewis".

Steve Allen Lewis, who drowned an a pool. Jerry Lee Lewis Jr, who died at 19 in a car wreck Phobe Lewis, who is still living and Jerry Lee Lewis III, Which is also living

Entertainer Jerry Lewis has five sons, Gary, Ron, Scott, Chris and Anthony.

Jerry Lewis has six sons from his first marriage and a daughter from his second marriage.

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