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Where can you sell South African 5 Rand coin with Mandela's face on it?

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An auction site online or a coin dealer are places where you could likely sell your coin.

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Where can sell my coins 5Rands 2011/2014/2015/2017/2018/2019/ and 2RANDS 2004/2013/2014/2019

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What is the value of 1977 1 rand south African coin?

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Which animal is on the south African five rand coin?


What does SA mean in coin value?

South African rand

What รฌs the worth of the 1994 5 rand south African coin with south African parliament?


How much is a South African penny worth?

I would need to know the year and condition of the coin in order to give a useful answer numismatically. There are 100 South African cents in a South African rand, and a rand is worth (as of May 1, 2013) about 11 US cents, so the face value of the coin is minimal.

What is the value of a s african 5 rand coin in us currency?

As of June 12, 2014, the South African Rand is worth about 9.4 US cents. Thus a 5 Rand coin would have a face value of about 47 US cents. For the numismatic value of the coin, the date and condition of the coin would have to be known.

What does R stand for in south African coin worth?

"R" is short for "Rand", which is the South African monetary unit. As of May 1, 2013, there are approximately 9.02 Rand to the US Dollar, meaning that 1 Rand is worth about 11 US cents.

Water mark on south African rand?

There is no watermark on the current South African Rand, as 1 Rand is a coin. About 20 years ago there was a brown 1 Rand note, no longer in circulation. If memory serves me correctly it had a picture of Jan van Riebeek on, and the watermark was the same image

What is on a one rand coin?

rand is the currency of south africa

When was the rand introduced in South Africa?

The rand became the South African currency in 1961. It replaced the pound and, at the time, two rands equaled one pound. The rand was a paper note at first, but was later replaced by a coin.

What is the value of a South African 1969 1 Rand coin?

If you talk about the gold coin the reseller value is at this moment EUR. 179,00 (28.06.2012)

Value of 1967 south African one rand coin?

Wht is the value. Of a1967 one rand Well as of today (2/2011) its melt value is around $11 USD. However if you are lucky enough to have this coin in a proof manufacture , with the obverse legend written in English, its value is around $1,500 USD. Only around 20 are in existence.

What is the value of a South African one rand coin?

At this very moment (April 5, 2011 - 06:30pm +2GMT), One South African Rand is worth: (US Dollar) US$ 0.15 (British Pound) GBP 0.09 (Euro) EUR 0.10

1998 Swaziland one Lilangeni coin how much is it worth?

there may no longer be an answer to this question but as the Lilangeni is linked to the South African Rand at par, today 1US$ is equal to 7.914 Rand/Lilangeni

What is the value in rand of a 1922 silver us dollar?

It depends on the condition, but your coin is worth about $25 in scrap silver if in circulated condition. Using currency conversion, $25 USD is about 217 South African Rand.

What animal is on a R5 COIN?

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) was established in 1921 and in 2011 celebrates its 90th anniversary. A special commemorative coin was minted by the South African mint to commemorate the occasion. The coin highlights various coins (as well as a banknote) that the South African Mint and the Reserve Bank have issued in the past. From left to right, the following coins are featured on the commemorative 5 Rand coin: 1. The image of St. George Slaying The Dragon By Benedetto Pistrucci -- as featured on the reverse of a South African gold sovereign. 2. The reverse of the bi-metallic 5 Rand coin that was minted in celebration of Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday in 2008. 3. The reverse of the 2010 1oz gold 100 Rand Natura coin which depicts the White Rhinoceros. 4. The reverse of the 20 cent coin from South Africa's third decimal coin series - featuring the Kind Protea -- one of South Africa's national symbols. 5. The reverse of the South African farthing (1/4 Penny), in use from 1923 to 1960, which depicts two sparrows on a mimosa branch. The coin also features The 100 Pound banknote which was issued during the tender of Michiel Hendrik de Kock who was the third Governor of the South African Reserve Bank.

What is a Pretoria coin?

The unit of currency in South Africa - and, therefore, of Pretoria - is the Rand.

What is the value of a 1961-1983 1 2 rand so African coin set?

what is the value of a one rand cion dated 1983

What is the name of the country that uses the Rand as it's currency?

The country which uses the Rand as a coin (and monetary unit) is the Republic of South Africa.

Is there a 1952 South African coin which has George v on the face and a antelope and the symbols 12 on the reverse?

i have a 1952 south African coin with george v on the face and a ship on the back saying 1952 south African i have a 1952 south African coin with george v on the face and a ship on the back saying 1952 south African

What bird is on the South African one cent coin?

A pair of sparrows appear on the back of the South African one cent coin.

What bird is on the south African five cents coin?

A Blue Crane appears on the back of the South African five cent coin.

My South African 1975 proof coin set do not have the gold coins Were the gold coins minted and where can you get hold of them?

There were 1 Rand and 2 Rand coins minted in gold in 1975, and some were produced for proof sets. South Africa in 1975 sold three different proof sets: an 8-coin set (1/2 cent, 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cent and 1 rand [silver]); a 2-coin set (the two gold coins); and a 10-coin set (all of the above). I would suggest looking on eBay (the KM numbers are KM#63 for the 1 Rand and KM#64 for the 2 Rand).

What is the monetary value of a 1912 south African coin?

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What is the value of a 1933 south African tickey coin?

the value of a south african 1933 tickey