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Where can you sell copper at?



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Prepare your copper scrap for easy transportation. Plastic garbage bags, trash cans, and barrels all work great for this function. Gather all the scrap together in anything that is easy to carry.

Check the yellow pages for a recycler. Look under 'recycling' or 'recycling services' to locate one in your area. Call and ask if they buy scrap copper. If so, ask the price per pound. If you are lucky enough to have more than one in your listings, call around and see which one is paying the most.

Take your material to the recycler. Usually, they will ask you to drive onto a scale. After you dump the scrap, you drive back on the scale and the difference in weight is the amount you are paid. Some may simply weigh your containers with and without the copper. Either way, you are going to receive cash or a check for your efforts.