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Where can you sell copper at?

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Prepare your copper scrap for easy transportation. Plastic garbage bags, trash cans, and barrels all work great for this function. Gather all the scrap together in anything that is easy to carry.

Check the yellow pages for a recycler. Look under 'recycling' or 'recycling services' to locate one in your area. Call and ask if they buy scrap copper. If so, ask the price per pound. If you are lucky enough to have more than one in your listings, call around and see which one is paying the most.

Take your material to the recycler. Usually, they will ask you to drive onto a scale. After you dump the scrap, you drive back on the scale and the difference in weight is the amount you are paid. Some may simply weigh your containers with and without the copper. Either way, you are going to receive cash or a check for your efforts.

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How much does 1 g of copper sell for in the US?

I know copper in the US does sell by the pound at $3.00 as of today

How can one sell scrap copper?

One can sell scrap copper by visiting a scrap metal dealer. The wikiHow website offers information about how to sell scrap copper. It details nine steps about what one should do.

Where can you buy copper?

you can buy it at a pawn shop or a person trying to sell the copper that they have.

Is it legal to sell copper pennies to scrap dealers for the copper?

no federal offense

Where can you sell scrap copper in Oregon?


Is there a reaction between iron and copper sulfate?

Yes. This is part of the process of extracting copper to sell.

Where can you Sell Copper Dragee Pan?

the black market

Who do you sell your extra copper pipe to and for how much?

I have a new copper pipe not been used who do I sell it to? Or who would buy it off me as 'm moving house and want to get rid of it.

Where can you buy copper in world of worldcraft?

Copper as a metal is mined from copper nodes by miners; in order to buy it, you'd have to check the Auction House, where the miners then sell their copper. Copper can be sold as either ore, or as copper bars.

Is copper heavy in weight?

no its light. its in wires and those are light. i scrap wires for the copper to sell. i would know

Does walmart sell tommie copper knee sleeves?

Can You buy Tommie Copper knee braces at Wal Mart

Where can you sell unused insulated copper wire?

I like to know where I can sell this south wire insulated copper 100 ft that was left in my basement by two guys who was suppose to be doing my basement, after the first payment they left leaving this in 1980,I like to know where I can sell it.

How much does copper wire sell for?

The rate of copper changes depending on the market. In addition to the market, the price of copper depends on what investors are interested in paying; therefore, it varies from day to day.

What are some intresting facts about copper?

coins used to be made of copper and people used to melt them down and sell them as lumps of copper because they could make money from this because the copper coins were worth less as coins than as just lumps of copper because copper was fairly expensive

Whitehorse Yukon where to sell copper?

Raven Recycling Whitehorse Industrial area

What does scrap copper sell for?

Depends on the market. It is a commodity. Open your newspaper and find out.

What retail stores sell Tommie Copper products?

At this time, there aren't any brick-and-mortar retail stores that carry Tommie Copper gear. They sell primarily online at their site (link below) and on Amazon.

Where can one purchase copper weathervanes?

One can purchase copper weather vanes from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell copper weather vanes include eCoastWeatherVanes and Overstock.

How much a US copper 1943 penny worth in 2009?

There are not many 1943 copper pennies known. If it is genuine they sell for well over $100,000.

Can copper form a permanent magnet?

Copper can be made into a permanent magnet, though the odds of finding one for sell in the general market is slim at best

Is it rare to find a copper quarter?

Have a 2008 Hawaii State quarter that is solid copper. Are they rare? Where would one sell one?

What did people sell in Colonial New Jersey?

Iron, Copper, Tobacco, and Foodstuffs; like Maize

Can you sell pennies for copper?

It's currently illegal in the US and Canada to melt old bronze cents for their copper content. In any case the wholesale price of copper is such that you'd have to melt huge quantities of them to make any kind of profit.

Can you sell your pennies as copper by weight?

Well, you could... However, pennies are not pure copper. By the time the buyer would melt out the other metal, you probably would not get 1-cent for each penny. I mean, think about it...If copper pennies contained a lot of pure copper, everyone would be taking pick-up trucks full of pennies to sell as copper. But no one does, because it is not pure copper and has little value even after being melted. You'd be better off saving your pennies and buying yourself a CD -- at least the music would give you some enjoyment.

Where to sell copper pennies?

eBay and Craigslist are your two main options when it comes to selling copper pennies since refiners can't take them because they are illegal to melt and most coin shops don't want to deal with large boxes of low value coins that are hard to sell.

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