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Where can you submit your My Little Pony creepypasta?


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Anywhere that allows creepypasta submitions, examples include The Creepypasta Wiki, FiMFiction and DeviantART

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My Little Pony, My Little Pony, All in a twinkling, Spring is here. My Little Pony, My Little Pony, When did all the leaves and grass appear? Where there were snowdrifts, Now there are no drifts, Nor is the sky overcast! My Little Pony, My Little Pony, Winter is over at last! My Little Pony, My Little Pony, Frisking about as spring unfolds. My Little Pony, My Little Pony, Breathing in the scent of marigolds. Greeting the bluebirds, Welcoming new birds, Romping through meadow and wood! My Little Pony, My Little Pony, Winter is over for good! Source:

No, Bakugan is not a Creepypasta nor there was ever a Bakugan Creepypasta.

It is this My little Pony Skinney and boney triped over a wire fell in a fire my little pony is dead !

A creepypasta is a creepy/horror story. So a Pokemon creepypasta is a pokemon horror story.

The My Little Pony series originated from Hasbro toys call My Little Pony. The first animated series called My Little Pony Tales premiered in 1992. The most recent series is called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

No, there are no codes for the "My Little Pony Fash'ems".

My Little Pony Ponyville Feature Playset comes with a small but cute pony.

There have been three different cartoons based on My Little Pony released. The first, called "My Little Pony," was released in 1986. The second, called "My Little Pony Tales," was released in 1992. Finally, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" was released in 2010.

on there website my little pony games

Buttercup is a character from The Powerpuff Girls, and not from My Little Pony.

No. All characters in My Little Pony are fictional.

My Little Pony was created on 2006-09-13.

No. Creepypasta is a community.The interests related to the Creepypasta community are reading horror stories and writing horror stories.

Yes. There are many websites dedicated to My Little Pony. See below for a link to the official My Little Pony web page from Hasbro.

The first was simply called "My Little Pony".

The main character of My Little Pony is Twilight Sparkle.

My Little Pony was orginially created to market a toy line.

The My Little Pony design was created in 1982 and marketed in 1983.

The duration of My Little Pony Tales is 600.0 seconds.

boy may like my little pony because it looks fun and they may secretly love my little pony also that some of them are so stressed out that they need an escape route and my little pony is one of them

"My Little Pony"=50 episodes. "My Little Pony Tales"=26 episodes. "Friendship is Magic"=26 episodes.

My Little Pony was originally created by Bonnie Zacherle in 1982. The current My Little Pony TV show was created by Lauren Faust in 2010.

The My Little Pony toyline first came out in 1982. The first animated feature was in 1984.1983 i think but in 1986 cartoons i think first kind of my little pony was my pretty pony i think

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