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I believe that is Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs, not Kieffer...if you are referring to the Swap your Ride Commercial. I am looking for more of these too if anyone knows about how to view them.

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โˆ™ 2007-09-07 17:11:18
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Q: Where can you view the Ford Commercials narrated by Kieffer Sutherland?
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Who is the guy in the Ford vehicle commercials?

In the most recent Ford commercials, Mike Rowe (the host of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel) is the person that promotes Ford vehicles.

Who is the actress that appears in the Ford employee pricing commercials?

The Ford employee pricing commercials have actual Ford employees in the commercial. Ford presently employs 54,000 mean and women. Several Ford plants were closed because of the economy.

Who does the 2012 ford focus commercial voice over?

Kiefer Sutherland

What are some hot male celebs?

1. Brad Pitt 2. Harrison Ford 3. Kieffer Sutherland 4. Joh Bon Jovi 5. The 30 year old virgin 6. Bruce Willis 7. Ben Affleck 8. John Travolta 9. Kurt Russell 10. Al Pachino

Is Corbin Bleu in commercials?

Yes,he has stared in many commercials such as toys r us,toymaster,and ford

Who is the guy in the ford tv commercials?

mike rowe

Does George Clooney do ford 150 commercials?


Does Mike Rowe do Ford TV commercials?

Yes, he is now a spokeperson for Ford vehicles

Who talks for the Ford F-150 commercials?

Mike Rowe does the voice overs for a lot of Ford commercials. I'm not sure if he has done any for the F-150, but I think he has.

Where can one find a list of Ford commercials?

There are commercial databases online that will have archived old Ford motors commericals. There are also a few commercials listed on the Ford Motors official website so you could try there as well.

Who is the model in the red hat in ford commercials?

Meredith Monroe

Who is the actor in the Ford commercials?

Brandon jennings of the Milwaukee bucks

Why American idol Phil is not in ford commercials?

He drives a Chevy

Who is the woman in the landmark ford commercials in Tigard OR?

Tami Sanders

How old is Fiona doran in the ford commercials?

Fiona Doran was in a few Ford commercials. She seems to keep her personal life out of the public eye as much as possible her actual age in them and now is unknown.

Who is the man in the new ford commercials?

The man in the new commercials is Mike Rowe, the host of the Discovery Channel series, Dirty Jobs.

Which major company did Taylor Hicks perform commercials for in 2006?


Who was the dark haired spokesperson for the landmark ford commercials?

Jan Brehm

Who plays Kimberly the reporter in the Ford Fusion commercials?

Kimberly Irion

Who is the hostess with the clipboard in the Ford press conference commercials?

Sheli Sanders

Who is redhead in ford commercial?

There are many redheads in the Ford commercials. The name of this person depends on whether they were male or female.

Who is mike on the ford commercials?

Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs

Who is Fiona in the ford commercials?

Her name is Fiona Doran. She lives in California and is from Ireland.

Who is the blond hair lady in the Andy mohr ford commercials?

McKenzie roth

Who is the voice in the Ford F-150 commercials?

The person who does the voice over for the Ford F-150 is Denis Leary