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Where can you volunteer if you are twelve years old and want to volunteer at an animal shelter?


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2009-12-20 17:19:49
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At the age of twelve you could find an animal shelter, but a lot require you to be older. You should contact your local animal shelter, have them talk to your guardian and work something out.

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will you can volunteer at any animal shelter but you have to have a parent/guardian with you to fill out paper works and when you vvolunteer

At certain shelters yes you can, I am glad you are looking into it! Volunteering at an animal shelter is the best volunteer work anyone can do!

No any volunteering services could not services for 13 years Volunteers in Animal Shelter. Age should be min 17,18 years for applying in animal shelter.

You can volunteer at the golden valley animal humane society center if you are in 5th or 6th grade. Or you can go to that summer camp

If you are under 18 years old then you need a parent/guardian.

I am almost 12 i love animals like dogs. My dream is to volunteer at a shelter but i dont know where to start... I know this is answers but i csnt figure out how to put questions 😬 I hope I will find somewhere special because animals are my only passion

Yes, because you have to be at least 12 years old to work alone at an animal shelter.

they could act or perhaps volunteer someplace such as an animal shelter or petshop

Usually to volunteer in an 'interactive' environment, you need to be sixteen years of age. You can check with your local employment office to get the particulars for your state.

NOwhere i am sure they can somewhere i saw a 11 year old who did it.

Depending on what animal shelter you want to volunteer at depends if they allow 12-year old volunteers. Most animal shelters will allow only 16 year olds and older because of insurance and health reasons. However, the youngest age I've seen be able to volunteer at an animal shelter is 14 years old. Again, it's different at every animal shelter and this is ONLY from my experience.but yes 12 year olds can help out

As part of a local volunteer group, probably yes. (In America) Why not go to or call your local animal shelter to verify? sorry but in most states u need to be 16 or older to do any volunteer work Well then I guess the laws have changed: when I was 11 years old, I was in Boy Scouts of America & the local animal shelter let us help out (as a group, not individually) yes ur right about that as a group but hey i think if the 11 yr old wants to help and volunteer there time that's great i wish them the best and give them a high five

Well, most shelters require you to be 16 years of age to volunteer. I am a couple of years older, and have tried to volunteer, but have been told that I was to young. But, all the shelters have told me, if my mum or dad worked with me, i would be allowed. HOPE THIS HELPED!

No, they can not. Usually to volunteer at any animal shelter by yourself you must be 16 years of age. However some shelters will allow younger participants, as young as age 12, to volunteer as long as they have an adult 18 or older to volunteer along with them.

I dont think it would being as the child labor laws state you have to be atleast 14 years old.

I voulnteer for Humane Alternative which is a no-kill animal shelter based in Gordonton. Theyre great, and ive been doing it for two years.

you could try a local ASPCA! i started volunteering a couple of years ago when i was 13 i believe. I'm fairly sure an 11 y/o would be able to volunteer as long as they were under supervision of their parent or guardian.

you could go to a animal shelter with bags of food or animal brushes. or you could get a gruop of friends or family and pick up garbage in your neighborhood or park. if that's not what your looking for then im sorry!

well, there is plenty that you could do at this age. For example: volunteering at a nursing home cleaning up garbage on the beach (with life guard permission) volunteering at an animal shelter

yes, you can volunteer but probably will not be paid.

I would imagine at 18 years of age but most places would want some experience under your belt before they would hire you as an Animal Control Officer so why not volunteer for work at your local Animal Shelter or Humane Society and get some experience that way?

some times you might have to be at least 13 or 14 years old! it also depends on where you live.

no you have to be18 years or older in order to vollenteer at a animal shelter

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