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Definatly don't Try, but you could try YouTube.

you can also watch the whole series of Battle Dimension on and if you change the part where it says /Pokemon-11/ to any number that means the Pokemon series

eg. you change it to /Pokemon-12/ that means the latest episodes of Pokemon dp season 12 is there

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What episode of Pokemon does ash wear a maids dress?

Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension episode Tanks for the Memories episode 525

What is the episode of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Galactic Battles?

it is not an is a season like battle dimension or sinnoh league victors

In what episode of Pokemon pearl and diamond battle dimension are May and Dawn tied up and gagged?

they aren't.

Do may and dawn ever meet in Pokemon?

go 2 and go 2 episode 541 season 11 diamond and pearl battle dimensionSeason 11 - Diamond And Pearl Battle DimensionSee link

What is the next Pokemon cartoon after diamond and pearl?

Pokemon battle dimension

What is the the name of the next Pokemon show?

After Pokemon Diamond and Pearl there will be Pokemon Battle Dimension.

Where can you watch Pokemon Battle Dimension Episode?

try youtube

How do you put Pokemon from platinum to Pokemon battle dimension?

It is the same way as Pokemon diamond and pearl

What Japanese episode did ash and may kiss?

in Pokemon battle dimension

In Pokemon DP Battle Dimension will there be an episode where Ash and Angie kiss?


What was the episode when May battled Dawn?

In Pokemon battle dimension ep 25

With episode is where a dusknoir and alittle creepy girl appears in Pokemon battle dimension number?

It is pokemon episode 558 : Ghould Daze

What series came before Pokemon battle dimension?

If your talking about the TV show,it was Pokemon diamond and pearl

Who voices Ash in Pokemon Battle Dimension?

Sarah Natochenny is the actress who voices Ash Ketchum in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension.

What is the next episode after Pokemon Battle Dimension episode 52 sleepless in pre-battle?

The next episode after that one is Pokémon Galactic Battles Episode 1 "Get Your Rotom Running."

Does Ash let his Turtwig evolve in Pokemon Battle Dimension?

Yes, Ash does allow his Turtwig to evolve into Grotle in "Pokémon DP (Diamond and Pearl) Battle Dimension." Ash's Turtwig will evolve into Grotle in the episode that is titled "Aiding The Enemy" whic is episode number 1,148 and according to the Japanese airings it is episode number 100.

What episode does dawn meet may?

Dawn meets May in Episode 544 which is titled "A Full Course Tag Battle" which is part of the Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension season.

What is the epesode of Pokemon dp battle dimension called where ash battle maylene?

the episode is called "A Triple Fighting Chance"

What is the new Pokemon battle dimension?

Pokemon battle platinum

How do you send Pokemon from Pokemon Battle Revolution to diamond?

you can not send from Pokemon battle reveloution to diamond but you can send from diamond to Pokemon battle reveloution

What is the next episode after Pokemon Battle Dimension Shield with a Twist part 1 2 and 3 on POKEMON?

jumping rocket ship i think

What channels have Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

all diamond and pearl episodes have been completed it is now battle dimension which is usuallyu on itv4 at 7:45am

Can you get Pokemon from battle revolution on to diamond?

no but you can get Pokemon from diamond to battle rev.

What episode of Pokemon are may and dawn tied up and gagged?

It is Episode 22 in Pokemon Battle Dimension what i did not see that show my pic then so i no that may down are tied up gagged

What's after Pokemon battle dimension?

I've seen the next jeneration of Pokemon and it's Pokemon explorers of time and darkness but only one episode has been made