Chipmunks and Squirrels

Where chipmunks live in North Carolina?



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One place chipmunks live is in Forsyth County. Our place while only seconds from major highways, is situated in a neighborhood where the trees and vegetation are left to grow. We have a small stream beside our house, a large pond in the back yard and a large creek behind our house. We have many trees of various species. Native black walnut, dogwood, magnolia, wild cherry, oak, hickory, pine etc. We have native grapevines and blackberry vines. We keep a large natural brushy area in the back for wildlife. In the early mornings and late afternoons we watch the chipmunks play, seeing as many as eight to ten at a time. They play mostly on the ground but will occasionally travel half way up a tree just to come right back down again. They have holes dug along the top of banks along the small branch but do not have holes at the pond nor any noticed on the big creek. They sometimes run along the gutters on the roof and are seen playing two to three at a time at any given point of the day. While our home is in the city limits of Winston Salem not more than 30 seconds from service stations and all shopping the preservation of naturalization in our small neighborhood makes for a perfect happy home for chipmunks, deer, rabbit, raccoons, squirrels, birds, a hawk and even a coyote. You will always see some type of wildlife each and every time you walk out the door.